TWW with 15802

Fingers crossed I'm his first reported pregnancy! Beta Monday June, 3rd. IVF



  • First Beta today! Baby on board <3

  • Omg so excited for you!!! We have some of his vials in storage. Most likely using next month. I’d love to connect with you if ours results in a pregnancy as well!! How many tries did it take? And do you have extra vials that you night be interested in selling? Or do you intend to use for future siblings?

  • I would like that as well. Its my first try with his sperm ❤. I have both embryos and sperm left over. Im so excited. Keep me posted on your journey. As a SMBC I definitely plan on connecting my children to diblings in the future ❤

  • We really wanted to purchase vials for 15802... logged in today to do so and see they are all gone! No low vial warning or anything... Wow... gotta be quick I see :-)

    Congratulations to you and blessings on starting your family!!

  • pSquared,

    We actually bought his vials the day he came up because I knew he would go fast lol.


    Congratulations again! keep me posted. We can connect via email, kik or whichever platform you prefer. Just let me know

  • pSquared,

    When I brought them he was still only a few days old with tons left. Seems like right after I ordered he went into the red. He's new so they will probably have more at some point. Good luck

  • Congrats Mommyiana! I'm having IUI with his vials on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

  • Congrats and good luck MamaBear are u planning to connect with diblings?

  • Yes definitely, I'd love for my kids to know that they have other siblings.

  • MommyianaMommyiana Posts: 56
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    Awesome. Babies aren't even here yet and we already making connections for them. lol <3

  • Mamabear
    I wrote it down. U can delete it off here if u want

  • I just started my TWW today... I'm already antsy!

  • Mamabear37

    Good luck mama! Im 2 months today ❤. Youre next. 🤰🏽

  • Mamabear37

    How is it going? Any news?

  • We just bought a vial for 15802... go in for our IUI next month! 🤞

  • YAY!! So excited for you. Sending positive vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy :smiley:

  • @Mommyiana unfortunately it was a BFN :( .... starting cycle 2 Tuesday.

  • @Mommyiana what did your first cycle feel like??? I'm a bit down, but no choice but to keep going

  • Mamabear37

    I'm sorry. My first cycle was BFN as well. This was my third cycle but first one with this donor. it doesn't always happen the first time for all of us.

  • @Mommyiana I was so sick I could have sworn I was... I'll keep you updated. How are you feeling???

  • Mamabear37

    Sick all the time! Waiting on my second trimester.

  • Awww feel better. I'll keep you updated on Cycle 2!

  • On hold until next month for cycle 2... my hormones are being crazy, so we are going to go the clomid route come next month.

  • We're going in August as well for our 1st try with this donor... sending you good energy @Mamabear37

  • @pSquared oh yay sending you good vibes as well. Let’s hope August is both of our month!

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    Hi ladies, my partner and I used donor 15802 also. We did the IUI on July 1. After the TWW, we got a BFN. But when my period was due, it was very light (I'm normally very heavy flow). So with no expectations, I took another HPT...and to my surprise it was BFP. I went and bought 4 more test....all BFP. I'm not getting too excited until it's confirmed with a blood test. I'm still bleeding just a little too. But Fingers crossed, there may be another little 15802 sibling. :)

  • Congrats @BabyFever0407!

  • Thank you @Mamabear37. We go in Monday to recheck my HCG levels because they were a bit on the low side.

    Any updates on your IUI?

    @Mommyiana how's it going with baby? You're about 3 months now right?

  • @BabyFever0407 I can't wait to see all our cute babies... I'm going in next week and they plan to substitute with clomid and progesterone. What's up with your HCG? What does it mean if it's low?

  • Babyfever247,


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