How many Donor 15013 pregnancies??


Curious to know how many pregnancies has donor 15013 had?? Live births?? He definitely looks like he belongs in my wife's family. And has similar interests.


  • @Money We can share if a donor has more or less than 5 reported pregnancies. Donor 15013 currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies. We haven't received birth reports yet.


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  • @cryo-admin have the numbers for reported pregnancies and births changed for donor 15013?

  • @BenziSKP No changes yet. It looks like not many vials have shipped out for Donor 15013.

    Our staff really liked him. He has a positive, upbeat personality and an amazing smile. He's bi-lingual, multi-talented, and very athletic. He also served in the military.

    I have a feeling that not many people have used this donor because he may not appear in their searches. If someone is searching by ethnic origin or ancestry they have to select either "Mixed or Multi Ethnic" or "Dominican" to see him.

    He's a great donor and if he's a good fit for you, don't worry about the number of reported pregnancies. That has no impact on your personal chance of a successful pregnancy. All of our donors go through a stringent screening process and are capable of achieving pregnancy. (Less than 1% of applicants become donors in our program.) Here's more info on our screening process:

    Best of luck!

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  • I am one of the pregnancies.

  • Hi have the number of pregnancies or births changed for this donor? I recently purchased this donor and curious as too if their has been any updates.

  • @cryo-admin I am reading above that you say you haven't received birth report yet. I had a child 2 years ago from 15013 and I could have sworn I reported it. If not, what do I need to do?

  • I'm currently pregnant by this donor.

  • Hi All - Just a reminder to please also report your pregnancy outcomes.

    We currently have more than 5 reported pregnancies and less than 5 reported births for Donor 15013.

    @Jo34fl You can use the same online pregnancy report form to report a birth:


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  • Hi! Does anyone have any extra vials from this donor for sale?

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