Anyone use 13630?

I did my first iui 9/23/13 and used donor #13630.
Has anybody else used this donor and been successful?


  • How exciting! I used this donor and am currently pregnate with twins. Any luck with the IUI? FX for you!
  • Congratulations!!!!!!
    I am currently in the 2ww with my 2nd iui w/ this donor #13630. The 1st iui failed, so now I'm on 7dpiui. I'll find out Nov. 4th!!!
  • Thank you! The nausea and fatigue is rough, but I wanted this SO BAD. Hopefully your one week will fly by! The waiting is hard. Keep me posted, it would be awesome to know someone else that has a child from this donor! We have good taste ;)
  • Are you going to test early? I never could wait! lol
  • We do have awesome taste!
    I am going to test tomorrow which will be 11dpiui, hopefully I'll get the BFP! Monday would be day 14.
    When are you due? Did you have any symptoms during the 2ww?
  • *Bump*
    Congratulations 13630.
    Good Luck and FX'd for you jamily5.
  • a_walton2 did you use this donor as well?

    jamily5 - during the 2ww I just had cramping and frequent urination (but I think it was the progesterone the doc had me on). Most of my other symptoms didn't kick in until I was 6 weeks. I am praying for you to get a BFP!
  • No I am using another donor,12891.
  • I got a BFP this morning!!!
  • OMG! YEAH!!! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Huge congrats! When do you get your beta? Would you be comfortable exchanging e-mails? If not I understand. This made my night!!!
  • Thanks! Betas were this week.
    Email me: [email protected]
  • Awesome, I will e-mail you!
  • I will be using him in May!! So happy to hear. This dude is a champ!!!
  • Good luck to you!!! My B/G twins will be here in May!
  • WOW!!!! I am so happy for you! How exciting! I have 2 brothers and they are twins.. twins are GREAT!
    There's another couple who used this donor and they are due in July. How many tries did it take before you got pregnant with 13630 and what was your procedure?
    I moved my IUI up to April... this guys is a winner... I just feel it! If you've heard his voice on the extended subscription, you might agree!
    Please share if you'd like and I can give you my email if you want it.
  • I got a BFP with donor 13630! We are really excited he looks like a good pick!
  • OHHHH That is great news!! How many tries did it take for you? Do you remember his count? Me? I will be using this donor in 12 days :-)
  • I got pregnant on my 2nd IUI try! (but, I also think I'm one of those lucky fertile ones.) I don't have a doctor's appt until May....I'm hoping it's a good one.
  • good luck crystal307!! keep us posted!
  • Thank you and I certainly will!!!
  • I did two IUI's and moved onto IVF. My B/G twins will be here in May. I then have 12 (yep 12 more potential children!!!!) frozen 5 day blasts. I will probably use one or two more and the rest will most likely be donated to multiple families for embryo adoption. Looks like we have 4 births we know of cooking! Good luck to those trying!
  • Thank you 13630, for sharing!! And.. wow, May is right around the corner! You're gonna have a houseful of smarty-pants tall kids!! LOL! I think 13630 is a hunk and he is absolutely PERFECT... so... brace ourselves for heartbreaker kids when they grow up ;-)
  • No problem! I hope it helps! Yes, share your e-mail if you feel comfortable! They will be tall kids, I am pretty tall myself! I can't wait to meet them next month!
  • Well.. update from me! I will be using this donor on Thurs or Fri!! OMG... i can't beliiiiieve it!

    I had an ultrasound today on CD12 and my one follicle is 20cm and the other is 14cm. Both on my right side. My left is sleepy, I guess.

    Next up, POAS like a crazy woman and if no positive opk, then I will have my trigger to do the IUI this week sometime.

    THE most exciting thing I have done in my life... I have a few close 2nds, but, boy... this is an amazing experience.
  • So excited for you crystal! I'm 7 weeks now & just dealing with the yucky early pregnancy symptoms. I am really hoping that this is a good pregnancy...I don't see my doctor for another 3 weeks. I'll let you all know how it goes! 13630 & jamily5...I hope you are doing well!! It's really nice to have found a "donor family" on here!
  • OHHH - I am so happy that you checked in, thisbearslair! Wow, time really flies... :)
    Thank you for being excited for me!
    Tomorrow begins my 2ww... I got a trigger this morning and then I POAS for a monitor reading. Yesterday's monitor was low, today's is PEAK. {Sigh} It's really happening!
    Let's keep in touch..
    Here's to us sharing our preg symptoms!

    PS - I noticed that our guy ran out of vials, but now there are some replenished. Cool.
  • Here's to the 2ww!! Had my IUI this morning. 11 million count. :)
  • Crystal...the tww is awful. Try to keep yourself busy, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy! I'm wishing you the best!!!!
  • Thebearslair- that is great news! Wishing you good things for you 10 week appointment! My nausea was pretty wicked the first trimester!

    Crystal307- Yes, keep yourself busy! I could never wait the entire time and usually tested early. I hope it flys by for you! I will keep my fingers crossed for your BFP!
  • PS: the twins will be here in less than a month now!!!
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