Donor 14949

Has anyone gotten started with Donor 14949 yet? He was a new donor who sold out quickly, so I know there are others out there who must be getting things underway.


  • My wife and I just bought vials of this donor. We are planning our first IUI for December 2017!

  • I am planning on purchasing some of his viles.

  • Great! Have you done your IUI yet, 2momsLotsOfLove?

    I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see how my follicles are doing. I should have an IUI within the next few days.

  • I had IUI this morning with donor 14949. Sperm count was AMAZING at 120 million. Now we wait...

  • We are doing our first IUI tomorrow morning! Glad to hear the count was amazing! FX for you (and for us too!) :)

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    Good luck, 2momsLotsOfLove!! Let us know how it goes. I am on day 5 post IUI now. This two week wait is rough!!

  • My wife and I purchase 6 ici vials of 14949 because our doctor likes to do the wash herself. Post thaw numbers for us we’re 16million and 20 percent motility. They said those numbers were good for frozen sperm? We go tomorrow for our beta test. Haven’t had any positives at home yet. Hoping for a miracle tomorrow am!

  • Wondering how our numbers were so vastly different!

  • our beta came back negative this morning. Sending positives vibes to the rest of you!

  • Sorry to hear that, Ad012002. Keep us in the loop with your next cycle!

    I think that the numbers can vary greatly. This was our second IUI with this donor. I believe that it was around 12 million the first time. I've heard several different numbers quoted for what is "good" for frozen sperm. Most recently I read a study saying that 9 million is kind of the magic number, and that even having a lot more than that does not increase the chance of pregnancy. With that in mind, I think any resource would say that 16 million is still plenty.

    I am supposed to do my home test on the 27th, so I'm trying to patiently wait until then.

  • @TwoMoms73 FX for you! Any news?

  • Just bought 2 vials of 14949! Feeling hopeful!

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    BFN for us this month. Onto round two! Today is CD 1 so back on the horse we get!

    @Swmom When do you start? What method? Good Luck!

  • So sorry @2momsLotsOfLove ! We’ve started the next cycle. Our doctor does back to back iuis so first one was yesterday. Our second is today! 28million motile this time around. Our doctor was happy with the numbers! Fingers crossed this round. @TwoMoms73 any update on your cycle?!

  • We used two vials last month, and I just got confirmation that the counts were 6.8million and 9million motile. They say that's good! Is there a difference, other than math, between these #s and ones that are higher like @Ad012002 's 28million? So new to all this! TGIF!

  • @2momsLotsOfLove our numbers today were much different than yesterday. 13 million today. Our doctor and the lab told us we had different specimen freezing dates and that all labs factor percentages differently. Hoping this time works! Where are you guys from?

  • Sorry for the delay! I haven't been on in a while.

    @Swmom, welcome to the group!

    Unfortunately I had a negative test on the 27th. I was on follistim and had quite a few follicles before ovulation, and evidently a couple of those follicles hung around. When I went in for my baseline ultrasound, I had some ovarian cysts, so my doc recommended I go on birth control for one cycle to get rid of the cysts. I've been on the BC for almost three weeks, and at least I've basically been able to keep my mind off of fertility stuff during that time. I go back in for my next baseline ultrasound on the 22nd, so I should know more then.

    How is everything going for you, @2momsLotsOfLove ?

    @Ad012002 , you must be ready to test later this week. Let us know how it goes!

  • @TwoMoms73 so sorry about your negative and about the cysts! Hopefully the bc cycle will get everything back to normal and a positive will be in your near future. We go for our beta on Friday. My wife did a 6 day early test this am and it came back negative. We know it’s super early. She’s had intense symptoms this time around so we’re still crossing our fingers!

  • Update: we are on day 2 post ER, so far 5 eggs fertilized and look good. 14949 was very good on count Embryologist said. We are doing FET after genetic testing. @TwoMoms73

  • IUI-ing tomorrow AM! Eeeeek! :)

  • Sending positives thoughts and good vibes your way @2momsLotsOfLove and @Swmom !!!

  • Second negative beta from iui. Looking into ivf options at this point I think.

  • Sorry to hear that, @Ad012002.

    We're hoping not to move on to IVF, but we will see how this cycle goes. I had my last day of birth control 2 days ago, so I'll have my baseline ultrasound Monday.

    Hopefully IUI went well this morning, @2momsLotsOfLove!

    That sounds great, @Swmom! Good luck!

  • Used one vial this IUI cycle - 5million count with 100% motility. Go #14949! Now the TWW...argh! Fingers crossed here! Preg test scheduled for Feb 2nd.

  • Good luck, @2momsLotsOfLove!

    I had my baseline ultrasound yesterday and things look fine, so we're back at it again. I started follistim last night.

  • Is it normal to start getting anxious that this many of us have used him and no one has gotten successfully pregnant yet? When do we start worrying about the quality of the specimen? #TWWoverthinking

  • I just checked his profile and it says that he has had confirmed pregnancies. So... someone has gotten pregnant... Just not us (yet!) :/

    I went in for another ultrasound this morning and I have several follicles that are large enough to be contenders. I just did my trigger shot a little while ago and plan to have IUI on Wednesday morning.

  • IUI this morning went well. Just thought I'd give you a sperm update. Prewash sperm count was 49 million. Post-wash count was 21 million. I don't remember what the motility percent was, but our doctor said it was a "great specimen." Now back to the two week wait.

    @2momsLotsOfLove , you should be testing soon, right? Let us know how things are going!

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    Update: we have 2 boy nearly perfect AA and BA embryos frozen that came back normal with pgs results! Next cycle we start FET prep! Looking at March transfer. Fingers crossed!

  • Congrats, @Swmom! Will you put them both in at once? I don't know much about IVF, so I had to look up the grading to see what you meant. Sounds great!

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