Hi Everyone! My partner & I are currently undergoing IVF to start our family. We chose our donor, had our Egg Retrieval now we are just hoping for the best and waiting to hear when Embryo Transfer will be!!! We chose donor 2429...Has anyone else ever used him? Had success?


  • lesleyamanda~

    Congrats! We just started our stims meds this past Saturday - retrieval scheduled for the end of next week!

    How many eggs did they retrieve? And how many fertilized?? I am somewhat nervous about how many follies/eggs I'll end up with b/c I have a somewhat high FSH...

    Best of luck to you!! Keep us posted!!
  • This is an interesting process. My partner and I did the same thing in 07 and now have 1 yr. old twins (donor 2510). They took 18 eggs from her and 16 fertilized but only 14 were ready at the same time. So we but 2 embryo's in me and the other 12 are still frozen.

    Best of luck to all of you :)
  • Livyn~

    That's amazing that you have so many embryos left! Will you plan to use them in the future?? I imagine with 1 yr old twins, adding another must seem far-fetched right now, anyway!

    Do you mind me asking how old your DP is? and what all did you do prior to your IVF (medicated IUIs, etc)?

    While I am excited about this IVF, I have been through so much disappointment over the past year of TTC, I am scared that this won't work! You hear of so many success stories with IVF, but at the same time there are those that it doesn't work for...

  • Kimi723-

    I don't believe we will be using the embryos, I have three other children that are 22, 18, and 17 (yep, 5 in all, and I will be 41 this yr). Although my partner wants to hold on to them for at least 5 yrs. I think she should play it forward and donate them, but who knows.

    As for my partner she is turning 39 this yr. So when they took the eggs from her she was 37 but they say that they are 38 yr. old eggs (who knows why). All of the embryos were perfect and was hard for them to decide which ones to use. We we lucky and blessed with a healthy boy and girl.

    I can understand your scared this might not work but try to keep positive. I bet it will work for you if you are like us. Which our problem was, not having the right equipment but everything else was fine.

    Also by doing it this way in the State of Colorado we were able to fine this lawyer that was able to get us both on the birth certificates (State of colorado you can't adopt your own children so the lawyer knew the loop hole to get Amy's name on there with mine :)

    Best of luck and wishes to you two
  • I just wanted to jump on and tell you all good luck. The first ivf was thrilling, scary all at the same time!
    Livyn4fun, I love your story...dp and I talked about doing that, and we are really hoping this time works and she has enough to freeze for me to try to to carry for baby2.We both want to carry so we went with who the docs thought had the best chance.

    We are starting stims for our second IVF tonight. So I was excited to see this post.

    My name is Melanie and my dp Amy and I have been together for 7 years. We have been ttc for three years.
    OUr first IVF was in December 08 and failed...docs have no clue why, embies were of very good quality and now here we are again.
    We were cancelled last cycle due to a cyst so we are very excited to move forward again!
    We have used all CCB donors, docs have been very pleased with all three of our donor choices. ( WE have been at this since summer or 2006, several IUI's for each of us with no luck and now second ivf for dp)

    lesleyamanda and kimi723, good luck and keep us posted. I will try to do the same.
  • Kimi723

    I forget to answer your question about what we tried before the IVF. Well I had my tubes tied back in 91 and Amy didn't have the desire to carry. I thought it would be an amazing experience to carry hers and felt that, that way we would both be connected to our children (me maternally and her biologically). Therefore, we never tried anything else. We were just very fortunate it worked on the 1st time.

    Good luck to everyone....baby dust
  • momx2

    We wish you the best of luck. Hopefully this time it will work. If you do carry your partners baby just be prepared to take shots for 10 wks in the bum...OUCH!!!!!. That was a rude awakening to me because I had no idea what all I would need to do. Thank goodness she is a CRNA and is ok with giving shots because I couldn't do it to myself with that size needle (The ones in the stomach was not a problem at all for me to do....so I am not a total pansy..hahaha). Even though it was a lot more than I had ever thought, IT WAS WORTH EVERY MOMENT OF IT.

    Baby dust to you too....

  • Livyn4fun,

    Thanks so mych for the babydust and luck...we will take it!
    I sadly am aware of the shots...yikes!When I was ttc I was given some fertility drugs via needles...nothing like these ivf ones however.
    I give dp all of hers and those prog ones are buggers. The only one that was super scary for me was the hcg...that was a big needle. She did not cry after I gave it to her...but I did! I worry that I will screw up and hit a vein or really hurt her, it makes me a nervous wreck!
    Last night as I gave her all her shots...I just felt so bad for what she is going though again. I said I did not know if I would be able to do it when it is my turn...she said back "I will be just fine giving you these shots"! I laughed and told her I bet she would now that I have been poking her with needles for over a month!

    Thanks again for shring your story...stories like your and others continue to give a gal, well now two gals 35 and over hope!

    Kimi and Lesleyamanda,
    how is it going?
    We have our next u/s on Sunday. Dp had 22 antrals this time...she had 19 vefore our first ivf so that is good. We are continuing with the acupressure and acup treatments. They seem to be helping...if nothing else her stress level is way better.

    Babydust to you both!
  • Evaline~ Wow! Totally missed the carrying DPs embryos... That is really cool. My DP and I discussed that as a possiblity for TTC #2, but that was before we realized the length of time it would take for #1. At this point, I am hoping #1 & 2 arrive together - otherwise there may never be a #2! Very glad you found the FB group!

    Momx2~ You are right behind me in this IVF cycle! Do you have an estimated ER yet? Mine is supposed to be 4/9 or 4/10.

    My E2 level was low on Tuesday (after 3 days of stims) so they increased my follistim dose last night. I am really scared that I won't produce enough follies for this to be successful, but for now I just gotta stay positive and focused that it will work.

    I go in tomorrow morning for sono & bloodwork, so I'm hoping everything looks good then... Keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Best of luck to you, Melanie!!
  • DP's estimated ER will be EASTER! That is the ultimate egg hunt huh?!? So Kimi, we are right behind you...I hope April is a lucky month for us all!
    We go in Sunday for labs and u/s and are hoping the cyst is not an issue any longer. I ahve learned to only celebrate on step at a time with this process...

    Kimi, good luck tomorrow with u/s and labs, keep us posted on how it is going.I have fx for you too!
  • This morning's sono is only showing 4 follicles... They are all very small still, so they said there could still be a few more pop up by the next sono (Saturday). They will call me this afternoon with my estradiol level. Hopefully it will be where it needs to be.

    The Dr office keeps telling me not to worry - they can keep me on the stims for a few more days if necessary - but they don't have as much riding on this as I do...
  • Hang tight and hopeful.
    I hope the bloodwork came back fine and you will see a bunch more on Sat!

    If you have the chance look up acupressure points for the ovulation the ovary. Dp's chinese acu doc said it can help stimulate growth, he has her put seeds ( small black ones you would plant and tape them on the spot to rub a few times throughout the day (I know strange but nothing else has worked for us so we are giving it all a try). They are on your hands at the base of the fingers. We are working on dp's right over now because she had less on that side.

    Good luck!
  • Kimi723-

    I am keeping you two in my thoughts and sending lots of baby dust your way.

    P.S - If you do get two just remember.... "Thank god for nannies". (Amy does a lot of 24 hr shifts so the nanny is my life saver) Two are a lot more work than I ever thought it would be but is so worth it.
  • Just checking in girls! See how you all are doing?

    We have u/s and e2 tomorrow, anxious to see how things are progressing down there for dp. She says she is feeling the heaviness earlier this time. I told it is probably because she knows what to expect so she is more aware. I am hoping the cyst has stayed quiet so we don't have to cancel again.
    Babydust to ya!
  • Evaline & Melanie~

    Bad news: Still only 4 follicles (actually some more popped up but they are all small and can't possibly catch up to the more mature ones at this point).

    Had a serious conversation with our Dr regarding converting this cycle to an IUI cycle and...

    Good news: We basically are saying F*@& it! And going for broke (literally)!! We really did weigh the options and decided that we needed to go with which option we could live with - without regret - and that was continuing with the IVF cycle. Since the current follicles are looking good, the egg retrieval is scheduled for Wednesday!

    For now, I just have to stay positive and hope these 4 follicles are determined to make it!

  • Melanie~

    How are things looking for you so far???
  • Kimberly-

    Woo hoo!!! Go for broke!!! I agree you have been looking forward to the IVF, just do it and hope for the best! I wish you so much luck!!!

  • Kim,
    That's the spirit.
    I know the feeling of going for broke,last ivf we paid cash...and we said all along that it was the most important gamble we would ever make. Even though the odds were not with us that time we are glad we did it.
    This time we are now using a loan...but again...we don't regret it. We are actually in a shared risk plan this time, you know where you pay more up front but it covers more than one cycle. ( meds excluded) You get a partial refund if it never works. I was too high risk to get in the program but we were lucky dp passed the hormone/tube tests!

    SOOOO, if your ER is Wednesday you are taking the BIG hcg shot tonight huh?!? ooooh, I hope all four and ,maybe a surprise one they could not see are perfect on Wednesday! Sending you MANY good eggie thoughts!

    We go in again tomorrow. They took dp's med level down yesterday and I think most of the follies were around 14 yesterday so that means tomorrow the average should be around 18.... so I think we are getting close too! Based on last cycle, I bet we go in again on Wednesday and get cleared for an ER Friday or Sat at this point. We are hoping for Sat, one less day to take off of work and then we would not miss easter brunch and lunch with our families.

    GOOD LUCK Wednesday, please keep us posted. You have the southland rooting for you guys!
  • Kimberly-

    WOW, 4 foliciles could all be good ones. We bet this will work for you two this time. Are you taking shots for increased lining? Mine (Ev) was fine but I still had to do it I guess they wanted the twins to have a feather bed. Also are you going to take the progesterone shots.. (Not sure how that works since they are your own eggs).....Gosh we are so excited for you. Hope you get twins that would be wonderful (and a lot of work that is worth it all).

    Lots of baby dust coming your way.

    Keep us posted.

    Evaline & Amy
  • Well my ER didn't go as well as I hoped. They were only able to retrieve 1 egg. Poor little thing has so much pressure on it already! Trying to stay positive, but that is getting harder. We'll know tomorrow if it fertilized...

    Evaline~ Tomorrow I'll start progesterone suppositories twice daily and an estrogen pill daily. So far my uterine lining always looks great on my sonograms, so it's just for added support. They said I won't have to do the PIO injections unless things look shaky down the line.

    Holding my breath for the next 24 hours...
  • I am sorry that the ER didn't go as hoped. I still think things will turn out ok.
    How lucky to have suppositories, I am such a baby when it comes to shots. I tried to have something beside shots but they told me no :( hopefully everything will be great and you will not have to have them. Well keep us posted and in the meantime lots of prayers and baby dust still coming your way.

    Evaline & Amy
  • I got a call early this morning from the embryologist and WE FERTILIZED!! While he couldn't tell us too much about the quality at this point he said that it "looks good". He said that he'd call again on Saturday (day 3) to let us know the progress. While a huge weight was lifted off us this morning, there are still lots of hurdles to go. One at a time...

    Please continue to send your prayers, wishes, and babydust to our little growing one!

    ~Kimberly & Tina
  • kimi723...I've been following your journey for awhile now and I'm glad to see that you're posting again. I'm so thrilled to hear that your egg fertilized and we will pray for positive 3 day results!

    My heart truely goes out to you and Tina for all of the struggles that you've been through. I hope and pray that this is your very last month of let downs and that next month we are celebrating your BFP! Hang in there!
  • I am so excited for you. I had a feeling it would work (plus I prayed for you two). I will be anxious to hear from you on Saturday. I am sure the quality will be good and come Dec you will have your little one :)
    Once again I am so excited for you two and congratulations on your little embryo...

  • Kimi,
    I am so happy to hear your news today. I can not wait to hear about your transfer. You all are zygote mommies! I remember the wonderful feeling that dp's eggs fertilized and how it felt so amazing because to our knowledge we had never made it to that point...so YAY for you two.Sending lots of prayers and babydust!!!

    Update on us...it has been rocky this week. They thought dp had a a polyp (sp?) in her uterus and are not super sure what it is. We were told she would still have the ER but most likely freeze any we got. Tody we heard we are set for an ER on Sat morning and then they will do a saline u/s while dp is under and will tell us then if we will be able to have a transfer. If not it will be this summer after she has a DNC and all.
    We are hoping it is nothing and we will be able to proceed after the failure of Decmeber, the let down of the cancelled cycles more waiting would be so hard. We are hoping for the best, as I am for you all and that little growing embie!

    Good luck!
  • Melanie~ Sorry to hear of your struggles this week. I had the saline sonogram and they "suspected" that there was a polyp based on a non-conclusive image, but didn't think it was anything big enough to hinder implantation. However, when we moved to IVF, they decided to remove it but when I had the hysteroscopy come to find out there was no polyp. I am curious how they determined that your DP may have a polyp this far into her cycle?? Anyway, I hope the ER on Saturday goes beautifully and the sono gives the thumbs up to proceed with ET!

    Evaline~ Thanks! I'll make sure I post tomorrow when I hear something.

    Misty~ Thanks. You are right, that I haven't been posting here much lately. Have continued to lurk, while being very active on the Facebook group site. However, this thread piqued my interest! Hope you are doing well!
  • Well... they found it in the u/s this week. They said that if is it is a polyp when they did the saline u/s in January the cath may have been blocking the veiw of it.
    It has become less visable and a different shape on the u/s as of yesterday so they feel it may be nothing to worry over, so they feel there is a good chance it is not a polyp and we will be fine for a transfer ( day 3 would be Tuesday, day5 would be Thursday). I so think that the acupuncture helped, she had a session on Wednesday and then yesterday it all of the sudden it looks better...huh?!

    Good luck to you all tomorrow too! I am praying for you.
  • Good morning ladies!

    I am happy to report that our day 3 embryo is still looking fat & healthy!! We'll transfer on Monday as scheduled!!

    Melanie~ Hope the ER went well this morning! Give us an update!!
  • That is wonderful news!!!!!! YAY! Good luck Monday!

    The ER went great, thanks!
    They got a couple more eggs than last cycle and there is NO problem in the uterus that will prevent a transfer...we are VERY happy about that!
    We are hoping for a five day transfer also...but our clinic only does that if you have four or more of good quality. Last time we had three and did day 3 transfer. We hope this time is better and will make it to day5. So...ET may be Tuesday oor Thursday.Pray for Thursday!

    Good luck Monday!
  • Yay, Melanie!!

    So glad to hear things went well! How many eggs were they able to retrieve??

    Keeping my fingers crossed for lots of fertilizations and healthy 5 day embryos!!
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