Selling 14937

I have three vials of donor #14937 I'm looking to off-load for 75% of what I paid. Please let me know if interested...plan to sell them back to CCB in June if there are no takers. Sperm was fine, marital situation just changed. Thanks!


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    Hello Chandler 44,
    Where r u located?

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    Hi GlitterMeGold,
    I'm located on the northeast (CT) but vials are in California at the bank. Are you interested?

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    Hello Chandler44. What's the asking price because I am interested in this particular donor?

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    Hi @MsEfficient and @GlitterMeGold -
    I paid $995.oo/vial and have 3 vials for sale.
    I'm asking 75% of what I paid, so $746.25/vial.
    If you buy 1, I will ask you to cover the transfer fee that CCB imposes to non-family member transfer of ownership. My understanding is this is in the ballpark of $300.
    If you buy all 3, I will absorb the transfer fee myself.

    Please let me know!

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