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Hi, I have 3 vials of donor 14296 to sell, all ICI Premium. As you know, he has no vials left at CCB and will have no more in the future.

I would prefer to sell all 3 at once, but depends on the offer. He is not 'sibling only' at this stage, but I was advised this may change. Donor is good, motility and fertilization great.

Sadly, I didn't have a pregnancy from this donor as I had issues with my eggs, and I now can't afford to continue. Hopefully the vials can help someone else!!

Contact me here on the board, or privately at: [email protected]


  • Hello,
    I sent you a couple of emails. Are the vials still available? I'm interested.

  • Hello!
    I am interested. Are the vials still available?

  • Hi - my wife and I are interested in possibly purchasing these vials. I also sent you an email at the email address above! Thank you in advance!

  • Update: please note the vials noted in my above post are now sold and no longer available. I wish you all well in your fertility journeys! Thx, HLM

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