Successful ICI?



  • Has anyone used modern fertility?

  • Lastly, is there a specific prenatal vitamin that you recommend?

  • @Dee28 did you inseminate right away on the following month after your failed cycle(3rd) or you took like short break in between?
    I just inseminated this cycle in May and it was not successful. I also bought the quantitative strips.. but this cycle was weird I was a couple days late on ovulation, I thought I had a peak that night (it shows 75) around 11:41pm.. so I was planning to do insemination when I wake up in the morning, and I took a test again around 6:30am I showed 32.5 then I inseminated around 8:30am, but then around 4:30 pm I did the test again to see if it goes down more but it went even higher than last night.. I was so confused. Not sure when I ovulated.. So I’m debating if it’s better to try again this cycle or take a break and monitor my cycle again before trying.

  • @Aqua123 sorry to hear your May cycle didn’t work. I waited 4 months to try again after last 3rd (failed) attempt. I didn’t want to wait that long but was dealing with my insurance, but I would not have tried again right away, needed time to calm myself down. I find myself having late ovulation whenever I’m feeling nervous.

    Also, I had used the qualitative strips for few months already by then to understand how it works and what my ovulation timing is. I have heard some can have multiple peak days, I think the instructions in the box have some advice on that. I would recommend you to try using those strips for at least 1-2 cycles before trying again if time allows. The strips are much cheaper compares to the vials. Good luck & baby dusts to you!

  • @Dee28 thanks for your quick response. Do you think I should also see an obgyn to test my progesterone level this cycle? Have you ever done it? I’ve never taken the test before and last year my fertility doctor said I didn’t need it. Not sure why she said that. Yeah I will continue to track with the quantitative strips I like it much better I wish I used them before.. :) thanks again!

  • @Aqua123 it will be hard for me to say what tests you will need. I personally didnt check my progesterone level since I dont think it will help me with conceiving based on my age (under 35) and health condition (no significant health issues). I did do a HSG (it didnt hurt for me) to check whether if my tubes are blocked (which are not) after my first 2 failed attempts. Just to make sure that i wasnt wasting money doing ICI at home with blocked tubes. I only had regular bloodwork ordered by my PCP to check the common stuff, nothing specifically for fertility. Hope it helps.

  • @Dee28 yeah last year I also did blood work and hsg after two failed attempts at home too and everything came back normal. I guess it’s just not my time.. I’ll keep trying . Thank you!!

  • @Aqua123 take it easy and keep trying. Best things come when u least expect it :)

  • @Dee28 Yeah I know right.. btw what was your vitamin E dosage? That you took one every other day. I just bought a bottle of 134MG (200 IU)

  • @Aqua123 just the Kirkland signature brand from Costco 180mg

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