Successful ICI?

I have been searching for successful ICI stories on this site, and have not come up with a lot (there have been a few). I am in my first TWW and hoping for some success stories and good vibes! So tell me success stories on ICI only!



  • Since this didn't get a response, I will answer my own question haha :smile: ! I was able to get pregnant on my 2nd cycle of frozen ICI using a CCB donor. There are not a ton of ICI stories out there, so thought I would share some tips. I am not a doctor or medical professional, so this is only anecdotal!

    Some tips:

    • Use two vials if possible. Frozen sperm does not live as long as fresh so it is important to get timing right. I inseminated 12 & 36 hours after LH surge using OPKs.
    • I bought and used a Mira Analyzer. It is a little expensive, but it definitely helped me understand my cycle better.
    • I took prenatals for 5 months before inseminating the first time.
    • I personally stopped drinking. This is debated a bit, but we are spending so much $$ on sperm, I did not want to risk it.
    • We thawed the sperm using a water bath we bough on Amazon. Set it to 37 degrees Celsius and thawed for 5 minutes instead of just leaving to get to room temp on the counter. There are some scientific studies that outline motility being better in water baths, but this is debated a bit online.
    • I used a TENS machine on my lower abdomen for a week up to my insemination. It is supposed to bring blood flow to the uterus almost like acupuncture would. Do not use after the insemination as it send electric waves to the muscle.
    • A lot of people online say to use pre-seed lube and flex discs after inseminating. I personally didn't at the advice of my OBGYN. Flex discs don't fit to my body comfortably. And pre-seed should only be used if you are not creating enough cervical mucus.
    • The biggest tip I think is to have multiple orgasms if you can! I had 2 right after inseminating, and another 2 20-30 mins later while I was laying horizontal with pillows propping my butt up. I made sure to get "aroused" beforehand.

    Happy to answer any questions if there are any. Obviously I am just one data point, but I wanted to share in case there are women out there that are thinking about ICI!

  • Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be trying my second ICI in two weeks. You’ve provided me hopes for trying ICI one more time before moving onto IUI.

  • @Dee28 of course! It’s easy to get down but sometimes it just takes a few tries. I had just contacted a clinic before doing my 2nd ICI and felt no symptoms and was pretty sure I wasn’t pregnant. But very much am haha!!

  • Could you explain how you use the TENS machine on your lower ab? Like placement of the pads? Thank you!

  • @Dee28 kind of hard to explain, but I put two pads on the underwear line with the bottoms angled to the inside of my legs.

  • That’s a pretty good explanation already lol. I’ll google some more to see what I can find. Thank you!

  • Congratulations to you @bignight4 ! When you did your first ICI did you do it in office? Was it easy to do at home. Would you do it that way again? I plan to have my 1st one in October. Trying to decide if I can just do it myself or if going to the doctor actually makes the difference. I also notice that you said you injected sperm 2 twice during this cycle do you think that is what made a difference. Did you try clear blue or any other ovulation test before buying Mira? It is cool that it actually show you the levels. Sorry for asking so many questions but I just want to give myself the best chance possible

  • What is a good LH level in order to conceive?

  • @Futuremom84 I did not do ICI in an office. I believe most fertility clinics will probably push you towards IUI in an office because it technically has better success rates (but there is just not a lot of data out there for ICI). I wanted to try in home because it’s much less expensive, more intimate, etc. Keep in mind I am under 30, healthy and no known fertility issues. Usually your gyno can do some prior tests if you want to get checked out before. I used the cheap pregmate OPK strips I got off Amazon. I think it’s important to use ones that have lines, not just smiley faces. I liked Mira because it gave me numbers back where sometimes on OPKs I would have positives for a few days. I don’t think there’s a magic LH number but my peaks were usually between 65-100.

  • Congrats!! This gives me so much hope. Me and my fiancé have done 3 IUIs at a fertility clinic and no luck. My fiancé has been wanting to try ICI at home but I just didn't think it would work, but you and I are in the same category (under 30 with no known fertility issues). I have had the HSG exam and other test done and checked out perfect. We were gonna give IUI one more shot before trying IVF, I just really hate to be $20k in the hole. Hopefully we can try ICI next month! Thank you for the tips! Keep us updating :)

  • @Paige94 good luck! I have heard of people who have done IUI and even IVFs, and then got pregnant just doing ICI, so ya never know! I would really recommend Mira, it helped me understand my cycle so much better. I don't have PCOS or anything, but my cycle is a little bit irregular (4 days give or take). The month I got pregnant, I ovulated 3 days earlier than I thought based on my Mira, and was able to overnight the sperm from CCB. I am 10 weeks pregnant today, and baby is measuring perfect on ultrasound!

  • @Paige94 checking in here since it has been over a month - any luck?! sending you baby luck dust!

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