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@cryo-admin Are there any updates on Donor 15560? Have there been any live births? There have been at least 2 miscarriages posted on this forum regarding this donor, so it would be good to hear any positive news. Has anyone used Donor 15560 and is pregnant (2nd or 3rd trimester) or had a birth? IVF is expensive and to be potential using donor sperm that may negatively effect my only shot at becoming pregnant is worrying. I am not asking for stats, but with the miscarriagea being reported it would be nice to know if there has been a single birth. All the Cyrobank Admin's responses in 2020 said births weren't expected until "later this year", so I am hoping for an update since we are 2 months into 2021.



  • @Rudy11 Donor 15560 currently has more than 5 reported pregnancies. We haven't received any updates of births yet. Our clients tend to be more timely with reporting pregnancies than reporting births.

    Unfortunately, miscarriages happen more frequently than many people realize and in all pregnancies, not just pregnancies that use donor sperm. Each pregnancy is unique and another client's outcome has no bearing on your chance of a successful pregnancy. However, I understand your concerns and think it would be helpful for you to speak with one of our genetic counselors. Please feel free to contact our Genetic Counselors at 877- 743-6384.


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  • @cryo-admin and @Rudy11 — any updates on births for donor 15560? I completed an egg retrieval and had 18 mature eggs but only ended up with 1 genetically normal embryo—I’m wondering if the donor is part of this issue. I hate to switch because we do have 1 embryo now with this donor.

  • @Kitties123 Congrats on 18 mature eggs. That's amazing! How many blasts did you test? I have only gotten 2 blasts with this donor. Due to the low number, I didn't test them. The low number may be due to my age. I just wish they would tell us if there has been any live births! This donor donated a few years ago, so I just wonder why there have been no live births...

  • @kitties123 Do you mind if I ask your age? Definitely seems unusual to have so many mature eggs, but low rate of normal embryos. We donated our last vial to research and I explained to the lab our suspicions. I'll let you know if we learn anything, but I don't think it is a guarantee the lab will look into it or notify me of the results.

  • @Allison2020 I would love to know if you learn anything! I am 32 so I was definitely surprised by my low rate of normal embryos, as was my doctor.

  • @Rudy11 @Kitties123 We have received a birth report for Donor 15560 and additional births are expected later this year.

    Not many vials were released for this donor and we still have clients on the waiting list, so it's likely there will be a fewer number of births for this donor. It usually takes clients longer to report their births and we're still waiting on some reports to come in.

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  • @cryo-admin Have there been any more birth reports for Donor 15560 or just 1 as previously mentioned?

  • @Rudy11 My daughter was born on June 25 using the sperm from donor 15560. Good luck.

  • @littleox OMG how exciting! I'm so excited for you. Such wonderful news. I have two little embryos and just did another retrieval. Hoping for 1-2 more...I don't get of embryos unfortunately. : ( I am out of vials for him now since the last one was defective and virtually empty which was heartbreaking. I hoping once I get to the point where I get to do a transfer that one sticks. It's been a long journey but hearing a success story like yours is wonderful! Best of luck

  • @Rudy11 I did ivf too last year. Three times of retrieval. Wish you the best of luck!!! I still have one vial left at ccb facility. If you are interested let me know. This journey is not easy for anyone.

  • @littleox IVF is so tough both physically and mentally. I'm glad you had success! I might be interested in your vial as I think I may end up needing to do one more retrieval. (still waiting to hear the results of my retrieval last week) Was it an IVF vial or a regular one? (Either is fine).

  • @Rudy11 It's a regular one. Yes, so tough and also financially. I bought all the extra services and did the gene testing. My first egg retrieval has 5 eggs, then 4 fertilized, then 2 last for five days, and finally no euploid embryo. I was so stressful at that moment. And the second time, I had only one euploid female, which is now my daughter, and a mosaic female. I didn't have female embryos on the third retrieval. I wanted twin daughters but after did a lot of literature review, I gave up.

  • @littleox I don't get a lot of embryos from my retrievals so I decided not to do testing after trying it my first round. After one of my retrievals I was hospitalized with internal bleeding. It was so scary! I am just trying to bank enough embryos in hopes of having 1 or 2 result in a healthy pregnancy. That's why I was so bummed when there was an issue with my last vial. I figure the fact that you have one available is perfect timing : ) I would like to buy your vial of donor 15560 "Cool Coder". Do you know how we go about doing this? Should we exchange e-mails?

  • @Rudy11 i just emailed you. Best of luck!

  • @littleox We just had a baby girl with 15560 on May 5. It might be nice to connect. Message me you’re interested in chatting further!

  • @littleox @MayTiger I have an almost 2 year old from this donor! Would love to connect with you if you’re interested….

  • @cryopirate I logged into the sibling registry and added a topic with my email! Looking forward to connecting.

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