How do I know if this donor has had self reported pregnacies or if they were with donor experiences?


  • @Hopeful04 On page 5 of the Extended Profile, you can see if a donor was responsible for a pregnancy in his personal life. Donor 15756 indicated that he was not.

    Donor 15756 currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies from clients. He was only added to our catalog about 5 months ago.

    He currently has 20 vials available which can sell out quickly. If you're interested in using this donor for a future insemination. I would encourage you to purchase vials and store them while they are available. Although we have vials in quarantine, we can't guarantee that they will become available in the future because it depends on future blood test results.


    California Cryobank

  • I'm pregnant with this donor. I just found out its Twins.

  • Hi All,

    My wife and I bought 6 vials of donor 15756 last year. We have a few embryos stored from my eggs... we had one embryo from my wife's eggs (transferred in FET transfer this week, results pending), and are about to undertake another IVF cycle for my wife. We have 2 vials remaining and would feel more comfortable with one ore two more in case this cycle is not successful.

    This donor is now retired... We wondered if anyone has any spare vials from this donor that they might consider selling back to us?

    Ready4thisjourney - Congratulations, how exciting that you are pregnant with twins. You must be due around now!


  • Yes, we’ll be needing more! Do let us know if anyone presently or projects that in future they will have any to sell

  • My twins are almost 1. We are open to contact.

  • Amazing! We are 6 months pregnant with the donor. A little girl. Are your twins girls or boys?

  • Girls! Congratulations!!!

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