Donor 13900

Has anyone had any luck with donor # 13900?


  • I have just selected this donor, so I would be interested in this too. Have you been attempting with 13900 or are you just considering?
  • Same here. I have just bought one vial of this donor and am preparing for iui hopefully in the next couple of days and fx for everyone else in the same boat! This will be my 5th iui since February, if this doesn't work I wll be headed to IVF hopefully in January but praying it doesnt get to that and this one sticks! I saw 13900 has less than 5 reported pregnancies this far..
  • Good luck Wishing4baby, I hope this one is successful. Have all 5 been with this donor? FX for you.
  • No this my first with this donor. I was using a donor who has since retired I guess. I did 4 iuis with the other donor and figured since those didnt work I would switch donors and see what happens for my 5th and final iui. My fx are crossed at the moment as I am in the tww and praying this is it!
  • FX for you, Wishing4baby, I hope this is the one! I'm looking at my first iui in January with this donor.
  • Well he works and thank you for the well wishes! I got my bfp today at 12dpiui and wish everyone luck!
  • Yay! Congratulations Wishing4baby! That's fabulous news. Do keep me posted and I will let you know what happens with us in January. Best of luck with your pregnancy.
  • Thinking of going with this donor. This is my first attempt ever using an IUI. So i'm not sure what to expect.
  • Thank you prbs2002! tghm14 I am sure you can read everything you need to know about iui and donor sperm etc online. :) That's pretty much how I did it and after so many I felt like a pro! Goodluck!
  • I plan to use 13900 next week for my first IUI (hopefully he does not sell out!!), so I'm happy to hear of pregnancies with him. Congrats Wishing4baby!
  • Good luck mmk11! Fingers Crossed for you!
  • I hope everyone else is having luck with this donor! And keeps posting here! :)
  • mmk - how did the IUI go? Wishing4baby, how are you? I hope your pregnancy is going well! I managed to royally mess up my dates this month after being spot on calculating for months before! So its looking like Feb insemination for me.
  • How's everyone doing? I'm hoping for an insemination next month!
  • All is well ... 15 weeks to go! Mmk11 any luck?
  • Hi how is everyone doing? Who else has had success with this donor? I'm 21 weeks and all is going very well
  • Hey tghrn14, congrats! We are so close our babies will be roughly 5 weeks apart or looks like! We should keep on touch somehow!
  • Just had my first set of iui, 2 back to back, now for the TWW! Fingers crossed!
  • After a long TWW, its a BFP with 13900 for me!!
  • Yay congrats!
  • Sadly I miscarried, very very early though so I'm staying positive and trying again as soon as I can. At least we know I can conceive without medication and these swimmers work! Down to only 3 vials though and 13900 is now sold out so I'm hoping it works next time!
  • How are all the pregnancies going? Can't wait to hear when the babies are born. Sadly my pregnancy ended with an early miscarriage, but looking on the positive side as I know I can conceive unmedicated and 13900 is working for me. (This was just my first iui) Going to try again in August after the summer travel time is over for me, so fingers crossed for that. 3 more vials of 13900 became available yesterday and I snapped them up as I was worried about running out!
    Baby dust to you all.
  • Congrats!! So happy for you! :)
  • Wishing4baby how is pregnancy going? All is good on this end.
  • tghm14 and Wishing, how are your pregnancies going? Do you know if you are having boys or girls? I am SO impatient to get started again, need to keep reminding myself that it is sensible to wait until August! It would be lovely to hear your news.
  • Congrats!! That's great news!
  • Covgrats!! so happy for all of us! As the countdown goes on I have 5 weeks to go to meet my little bundle of joy!
  • Can't wait to hear about your baby, good luck and congratulations Wishing 4 baby!!
  • We just got a BFP with this donor:) Hoping hoping hoping it sticks.
  • Congratulations Qtknee44! Fabulous news, FX for a sticky baby! Hope to join you in August.
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