Pregnant with donor 14598, looking for others

I'm recently pregnant with donor 14598 and looking for any others who have been as well.


  • I'm pregnant as well. 19 weeks
  • Congrats you guys!!!!
  • I'm currently stimming for IVF with this donor!
  • I hope all is going well with you ladies. 35 weeks now and counting down.

  • Congrats! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with a boy!!! Due in August!

  • I had the sweetest little girl with this donor on 3/2/18. So glad to know she has siblings out there!

  • For anyone with an interest in donor #14598:
    I have two completely amazing, healthy boy girl twins who just turned one this month. They're hitting milestones early, are in the 95th percentile for height and 50th for weight, and most importantly are happily full of laughter. They love to play hide and seek, eat just about anything, are obsessed with books, are walking, as well as speaking and signing lots of words (mama, baba, milk, done, food...). I thank donor 14598 daily for his gift of my children. I also started a community of donor siblings (see Facebook private page for donor 14598 if you're interested in joining). We have three other families in regular (ie daily) communication. They total two boys and one girl. I'm open to any and all communication, so please feel free to reach out. Lastly, if you're donor 14598 and see this, there are no words for the gratitude I have for you. I hope you're well and please know the children are much loved and happy.

  • Hi all,
    does anyone have extra vials of donor 14598 that they are willing to sell? Thanks!

  • Hi donor 14598. Can you send me a message at [email protected]? Happy to share info

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