Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

This is the next step we have to do..can anyone recommend a place for this or does my doctor do this? And does it really cost $500???


  • Virgo,

    Are you working with a RE? They should be able to provide you with the information you need and schedule you for whatever testing they require.

    If not & you are interested, email me directly & I'll provide you with more information about the clinic that I use in Dallas.

    [email protected]

  • I had an HSG scan and they're typically done at a hospital because they need to take x-rays of the dye in your tubes. Your RE's office should set everything up for you. I will give you a bit of advice... and I promise I am not trying to scare you... just giving you a heads up... They will tell you to take tylenol before the procedure, but if you can get your hands on anything stronger... TAKE IT! I would have been a heck of a lot more prepared if I had someone to let me know that it is not a "fun" procedure.
  • Virgo,

    We also had to have an HSG. Which was also done at the hospital. Our insurance covered the cost. and my partner found it to be uncomfortable during the procedure but overall not that bad.
    When the procedure is done you will have a peace of mind to know if there is anything wrong.

    DY and Kristin
  • I'm going to have one of these, too. My information is that the my insurance will cover it - shew! Out of pocket cost was estimated to be $1300. Glad to know about the painkiller advice! Naproxen (Aleve) sounds like it would work well. My doctor did tell me it can really hurt.
  • Oh my gosh...I am so excited that insurance has been covering this!! I've been noticing that I need to learn some lingo here...I'm not sure what RE is. I can not believe that I am this stressed about all of this already and we haven't even picked out a donor yet..we aren't even inseminating until May!!!
  • virgo91079,

    RE is reproductive Endocrinologist. :)

    Hang in there...the lingo will get easier!

    Misty and Carla
  • Ha Ha..Thanks so much!!
  • Hi Virgo,
    I had to have one of these tests 3 months ago. My insurance, unfortunately did not cover any portion of it (although I knew that going in). Total cost was $1300.00. I had it at an imaging office and not a hospital. Very quick procedure....but yes, not to scare you...my doc gave me a bit of valium (which helped keep me mellow and was easier for them to work...!) I also took a prescription painkiller beforehand.
    I'm so glad I did. The cramping was uncomfortable, but for me, the worst part was the plastic speculum.
    It was the least favorite of all the tests, but its quick (15-20 mins). The radilogist, nurse and doctor were wonderful and they showed me everything they were doing on the monitor which helped keep my mind off the discomfort.

    Good luck! You'll do fine :)
  • My experience was similar to the previous poster's. I had to pay out of pocket and the cost was over $1000. I also had it done at an imaging office. I was never told to take a painkiller before hand, so they gave me some (ibuprofen, I think) before starting. For me, the actually procedure wasn't too bad, but like Catchavez said, the speculum was the worst for me too. The doctor actually stopped and started over with a smaller speculum because the first one was just too big and uncomfortable. I also got to watch everything going by watching a monitor. Glad I had the test...found out the very end of my left tube was blocked which was surprising. I did not think I would have any fertility problems. Therefore, from the beginning, we knew to focus on the right side when checking for mature folicles.

    Good luck! It's not as scary as it sounds...it was really kinda neat to watch the dye going through everything.
  • I'm more worried about the pain of $1,300 out of my bank account than I am half an hour's pain, for sure! This stuff REALLY costs money! I'm going to call ahead and find out about all the things I can do to minimize the pain, though, too.

    Hey, question, were any of you allowed to have your partners in there during the procedure? Or is it the kind of test where random people shouldn't be exposed to some rays or something?
  • My partner (wife) was allowed to be in there during the procedure.
  • I agree with the pain of my bank account!! The facility that I am going to quoted me at $525 for this procedure and I checked with my insurance and it won't cover it.
    Do ya'll have insurance through your jobs or do you have other insurance? My job insurance sucks and am thinking about getting other insurance...any advice?
  • Virgo, have you already done an IUI already? I think the only chance I have of getting the HSG covered by insurance is that I have not yet done an IUI, so I am still officially "fertility testing" and am not yet "infertility diagnosed." As far as I understand, that's the main factor in whether my insurance will cover it or not. I do have my insurance through my job, but my insurance was denying for a while, and I got my doctor to challenge it (TWICE!) and they refiled and are covering it now. I work at the same university where I'm getting the care, and I am too badly underpaid to put up with them not covering things on my insurance!
  • I guess I lucked out. My procedure was mostly covered but I still paid about $500 out of pocket. It was painful and my partner was with me the whole time. I'm glad I did it because I had a polyp which was preventing me from getting pregnant. It was worth the pain because we are now pregnant with twins on our first try post prcedure.
  • I have not done an IUI yet so hopefully my insurance will step up.

    Congratulations on the twins!!!

    Thanks for the replies...I really am greatful for the wonderful support on this board.
  • Hey - we're new to this group (just found this site tonight as we search for donors)... They did let my wife join me for the HSG, but only after I pitched a fit (albiet a small one). It was pretty cool though.
  • They unfortunately didn't let my partner in with me and were really apologetic about it because I didn't know beforehand.

    Where I went, the room was just too small and we had a male doctor, a female nurse and a male radiologist....i had to laugh tho because it upped my count of people being in my business by 3! LOL.

    Also, i hadn't had an iui yet but have a history of endometriosis so this was purely done to make extra sure we were all open. I hear it can be more painful (cramping wise) if you do have a block as the dye takes a bit to push through that.

    But....i think it boosts fertility for the next cycle or two afterward so thats a bonus right?

    Lucky me...I'm now making payments....ugh.

    Let us know how you do!!
  • we were considering an HSG as an "investment" of sorts before our first tries since it increases the fertility for the next couple months and hopefully the cost would be offset by the fact that we wouldn't have to buy more vials for future months.

    does anyone have any hard numbers as to how much of an increase in chances of fertility go up after HSG?
  • tballw32-

    Check this link out for the answer to your question - http://www.asrm.org/Patients/FactSheets/hsg.pdf.

    Sounds like the increase in fertility is for about 3 months, if it is there at all.

    I just did a quick search at www.medlineplus.gov, and it seems like there isn't a lot of data out there on proof of it increasing fertility.

    Maybe someone else has other info?

    Good luck!
  • My other doctor just told me about an xray they can do without the dye...have ya'll heard of this? the only thing is, the center that we are using is making us get the HSG as well as a psych evaluation before they inseminate.
  • Virgo,

    I don't know if this is the same test you are referring to, but I had a "water sonogram" done rather than the HSG. They inject sterile saline rather than dye and can visualize the uterus, but not the fallopian tubes. The benefit was that it was done in my dr office, as opposed to the HSG that needs to be done in a Radiology dept.

    I was offered this after my miscarriage b/c they felt comfortable that my tubes were open (since I had gotten pregnant)but wanted to ensure there was nothing wrong with the uterus that affected implantation.

    Hope this helps.
  • I got pregnant 3 weeks after my HSG so I am happy that I had it done. Also, for me it was a piece of cake. I felt almost nothing!!! It was exactly like a pap smear. The whole procedure lasted less than 3 minutes from beginning to end. It was unbelievably easy.

    I guess people's experiences with this procedure differ greatly. I just had my second HSG before trying to have a second child and it was also very, very easy.
  • Hey Dane....I just thought I would bring this post back up to the top as I got some really good answers....hope this helps also.
  • I had it done your gyn can do one
  • well ladies...i am going in for my HSG tomorrow morning....my wife is actually overseas right now and is unable to come with me but my best friend who is filling in is going to come with me...im a little nervous...
  • I had my HSG on 4/1 and my insurance covers nothing at all! It was 1500, but after finding the results worth every penny it has saved me in trying IUI after IUI. I became aware a couple cycles ago my right ovary has given up. I was in good spirits though, reading up that I still should not have a problem with only one ovary. However, the HSG showed my left fallopian tube is blocked. Of course, same side as the working ovary! I have not had a follow up with my RE yet regarding a plan, but am a google queen and reading everything I can. I am glad I did it. It was not even close to painful, not even as bad as my menstrual cramps. Maybe it was not as bad for me since I have had a child already though?
  • Alas, the "extra fertility boost" after the HSG didn't work for us.....3 iui on natural cycles and nothing yet. About to switch donors and maybe toy with clomid.

    Good luck, but I wouldn't do it unless advised by your doc, unneccessary pain and expense unless you need it.

    I think the extra fertility boost is due to the pathways being open after the 'cleaning' of the dye. But if you were already open, like me for example, the fertility rate would probably not be affected at all.

    Much luck!!!
  • I had my HSG test done early February and it wasn't painful at all. Getting the speculum where they needed it to be and the tube into my cervix (I hear mine is rather tilted) was painful, but I didn't feel the actual dye part at all. I went to my doctor's office today and had my placement ultrasound and I am 6 weeks pregnant on my 2nd cycle after the HSG test.
  • Hey ladies,

    Just went to Obgyn yesterday ,said she wants me to have an hsg test . I was just wondering if this is something that you normally pay out of pocket ? I have uhc insurance with my job and its seem to be pretty good about covering testing . My plan is a PPO does anyone else have united healthcare plus ? I going to call them to find out about coverage . Any advise or a suggestions welcomed ..

    Kimberly W.
  • Hey Kimberly,
    I had to pay for mine...it was $525.. there was really no pain for me and if it meant making sure my tubes were clear then I thought it was a great investment in the long run.
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