Donor 14510

Has anyone used this donor? Is there a count on reported pregnancies? Thanks!


  • Hello! We used 14510 and have a little one due in May. I don't have any idea about the count, it just says that there are pregnancies. We are one of them.

  • I know this is late but I was googling this donor and I came accross this post. We used donor 14510 and had a healthy, baby boy in May as well!

  • Congrats on your children! I currently have embryos with this donor. How's it going for you?

  • I also have a successful pregnancy with this donor.

  • I was just inseminated last Friday with this donor and results are pending next Friday, 19 Nov 21. Fingers crossed!
    I wish you all health and happiness! :smiley:

  • I am in TWW after an IUI with this donor. I hope it's successful and good luck and congrats to all :)

  • I have a confirmed pregnancy with this donor. Wanted to follow up about that :)

  • We are currently pregnant (22 weeks) using this donor. I am having a hard time figuring out how to use the sibling registry? Does anyone know the total confirmed pregnancies for this donor? I see they are no longer available so I was curious what the final count was?

  • Following up again, I had a miscarriage. Best of luck to everyone else.

  • We are pregnant with a baby girl from this donor, due this Summer/Fall. We are open to communications if anybody else is.

  • Hi all! We have a child with this donor and are looking to purchase vials since there are none left. 🤞🏼 ✨ Baby dust to all who are trying!!

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