6 IUI premium vials of donor #14043 for sale - several confirmed pregnancies!

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We have finished our family planning journey and would like to sell our vials from donor #14043 at a discounted price of $400 each or make an offer. This has been a very successful donor. We have 3 children using this same donor and know of several diblings. Please post if interested or have questions.

IUI vials have only been stored at CCB, never removed. We would use CCB transfer process to get you the vials.

From his description:
Motivated and friendly with an open and accepting attitude, 14043 is an incredible leader. Currently managing a group of over 200 people, this 6’2’’ blonde, blue-eyed business administration and economics major is a self-starter who recently launched an e-commerce business that he is working to get off the ground. When is he is not coming up with new business ideas, this athletic guy enjoys playing football and soccer, sailing, drawing, and hang-gliding. He also loves pulling pranks and joking around with his twin brother, with whom he is very close.


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    I’m very interested in purchasing 3 vials, but I have to wait until my genetics results come in. How soon do you need to sell?

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    Thanks for your interest! We would like to have them transferred before our next storage cycle starts, so by mid-June at the latest.

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    Are you willing to split them? My doctor told me only get 3 vials and I should know my genetics by the end of May or beginning of June

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    I would like to purchase the rest if not all 6. Please e-mail me at TJWolff03@gmail.com to discuss details

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    One of our dibling families might be interested as well. She said she would get back to me within the next day or two. Once I hear from her, I will let you know asap. We would be willing to split them. Thanks!

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    Hello! Are any vials left?

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    Hi!!! I’ll buy the other 3 :) I hope still available

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    I am so far down the list
    But I do hope you get to me
    I’m attaching my email here
    And sending out baby vibes :)

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