Selling 16175 IVF vial

Hi! My wife and I got pregnant with a baby boy using this donor in February and I know another couple had a little girl as well! We have 1 vial of IVF left for him and we’re not going to need it because we still have 6 more embryos in storage from the last egg retrieval/IVF go round.
We’re not sure what to do with the vial and don’t want to have to pay for the year storage if we’re not needing it since we’ll have to pay the embryo storage but also don’t want to just get rid of it because it can help another family.
If you’re interested at all, please let me know!


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    Hello! Is this vial still available by any chance? We were looking for more than 1, but 1 is good too! Please write to me at tom.abigail@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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