Seeking Vials for 16568

Does anyone have any extra vials for 16568?


  • Hi there, I may have extra vials.. I should know in the next month or so.

  • @ak32 Thanks. I'll take two when you are ready. I'm in a tww with him now. Here is my email: [email protected]

    Take care. Baby dust to you.

  • @TTCLove2022 ok sounds good. I'll send you an email when I figure it out. I have some still at California Cryo and some at Shady Grove.

  • I tried three times with this donor and no luck yet. I was curious if you have been trying with this donor too and any luck? xo

  • Hello, I am currently pregnant with my first embryo transfer... fingers crossed, first ultrasound Friday. I have vials for sale at Cali cryobank if still interested!

  • Omg amazing. Congrats. Interested. I just purchased a separate donor but this one is my fav. I did two back to back ICI's with him and no success yet. Today I was pre approved for IVF so will know more soon πŸ™πŸ½ Is this your first IVF? 😍🍼🍼

  • Hi and congrats!!!! I also might be interested in your vials at CCB. How can I contact you? Sending you good vibes for you first ultrasound.

  • This was my first IVF and first embryo transfer. Ultrasound went as perfect as it can go!
    I can be reached at skyview17 if interested in samples @DO8468

  • So happy for you!!!!! I will email offline.

  • @ak32 Emailed if you have an extra vial for IVF.

  • Hi there, I'm selling 4 vials of premium IUI for donor 16568. Tall, African American, artistic, musical and intelligent. Adult photos avail. Sells out quickly. Sadly CMV+ and found out I need negative. Let me know if interested. Stored at CCB, costs $365 in addition to price of vials to transfer ownership.

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