Selling Donor 12924

Happy to give you a vial for a sibling, or just to keep trying if he is the donor you wanted and couldn't get more b/c he sold out.


  • Hey, do you still have that vial available? [email protected]

  • Hi, I do. I tried emailing you at the address you gave and it came back to me. Do you have another email?

  • Is this vial still at CCB and how much do you want for it?

  • Hi, it’s not at CCB. It’s at my clinic and would need to be shipped to yours. I would ask the same that I paid for it which was right around $1000.

  • Ive had a few people try to contact me about donor 12924, wanting my extra vial. I don't know if any are getting my responses. If you want this vial, I still have one. Happy to give you any details you would like.

  • Happy New Year. I just learned I have to wait until the next cycle and will not need at this time. Thanks for responding. Did you end up using this donor and having a successful pregnancy?

  • No problem! I didn’t. I used him for an IUI that didn’t work, and then I had my first choice from a different bank become available. Now I have the one vial left and I know he was a sought after donor so I didn’t want to have it destroyed if someone wants to use him.

  • That's awesome you found your first choice. I'm praying my first choice is still available by the next cycle as vials are low but preparing self just in case they sell out 😔

  • Why don’t you buy it to make sure you have it? They’ll keep it for you until your next cycle. If you found one you really want, Id definitely buy it! Good luck!!

  • I’ll pass. I purchased a different donor last year from the boards and it cost 700 in shipping. I was hoping this vial was still at ccb

  • Yeah, shipping is expensive unfortunately. No problem.

  • Sorry, I didn’t mean buy mine. I meant why don’t you buy the one you want, instead of waiting for your next cycle and him not being available.

  • That would be ideal. Funds are tight this month. Thanks. Happy New Year. Baby dust to you ✨✨

  • I’m sorry, thank you, and you too!!!!

  • Hi there - is 12924 still available. Would love to buy it off of you. Thank you ; ) [email protected]

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