Donor 14885

Hey all! Have two girls and hoping to try for a boy now! The oldest is going to be 3 and the baby is 14 months….would love to share a photo….let me know!

We also will most likely be selling vials back if anyone is looking!



  • sabeach92812sabeach92812 Posts: 11
    edited September 21, 2021 5:55PM

    Hello ,

    We currently have a 3 year old with this donor and would be interested in buying vials from you if you are selling. My email is [email protected] if you would like to personally get in touch with me.

    Also would love to share photos :)

  • Hello I’m new here me & my wife want to build our family bigger. We have a soon to be 12 year old & a soon to be 2 year old. We want our daughter to grow up with someone close with her because our son & daughter is 10 years apart. Me & my wife been together for 12 years

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