Donor #14753

Hi. I am considering this donor. Any successful pregnancies or failed attempts with 14753? Thank you!


  • Hey there! Did you end up having any luck finding pregnancies/births with this donor. I’m considering him as well but a little concerned as I haven’t found anyone who has used him!

  • Hi. I haven't heard from anyone but the bank reps say that he "has had successful pregnancies" but they can't divulge how many.... I plan to attempt my first IUI next month and will keep you posted! ; )

  • @vthills3260 yes please do! Thank you. I’ll keep you posted if I end up using him as well!

  • Hi @vthills3260, I’m probably going to be using this donor in a few weeks! How are you going? You planning on this month?

  • Hi @Ny1234567. I had my first IUI yesterday (7/20) using this donor! I'll let you know how things shake out in 2 weeks :-)

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