Looking for vials from donor 14541

Hi, we are desperately seeking and willing to pay for vials from donor 14541. We already have a son from this donor and, after multiple failed IUIs to try for a sibling, are weeks away from starting IVF -- only for the donor to sell out since the last time we ordered last month. Please help, willing to pay a premium. Thank you!


  • We are in the same position. Following this and will to do the same.

  • Hi! It's so great to learn our son has siblings! I'm not sure if you were on the notification list from California Cryobank, but they have released some IVF-only vials of 14541! There's really only a few available, so you may want to call fast.

    We are just starting our IVF process, but if it works out for us, we could work with you to buy our leftover vials.

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