Donor 16045

Has anyone used donor 16045 and have any luck?


  • Hey there! I’ve used donor 16045. I have one normal embryo waiting for me and one abnormal embryo. This week I’m waiting to here about my latest round of IVF and if I get any embryos from it, also using 16045 again. If anyone else reading this has success with this donor, I’d love to start a FB group..

  • We inseminated at home with all three of our vials and are now in the TWW. If you start a group let me know! I would also be interested in any extra vials for purchase from this donor should our insemination not work.

  • Any update on this donor and Any vials for sale?

  • Any update from folks on the use of this donor and any vials for sale? Happy to join an fb group too!

  • @Jem831 @Emerald89 @HayleChristine Hi All! We do have reported pregnancies from Donor 16045, currently less than 5. Many of our clients who purchased vials are storing them, so it may take a bit before we see additional pregnancies come through.

    Please note that this donor completed our program and we currently have a waiting list for any buyback vials. If you'd like to be added to our notification list, please contact Client Services at 866-927-9622.


    California Cryobank

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