How long is a typical waitlist time length

Hello! I have been put on a waitlist for donor #15875. Do you know roughly how long it takes for a donor to have another go-around? It says he is a new donor, but it looks like he sold out right away. We would really like to use him, however, if he won't have any more vials available for another 6 months, we may have to look for an alternative.


  • Hi Thedoodles! I don't know if you ended up going with this donor, but I wanted to say I'm on my second round of unmedicated IUI and at the start of my two week wait. First time was a chemical pregnancy which I'm taking as good sign for now that things can line up. :-)

    I'd love to know if you ended up using this donor and how it went! I have a few more vials in reserve, but would be interested in buying more if they become available. He seems to sell out fast! I guess we'll see.

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