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Hello All,

I would love to hear positive insight on conceiving at home. My wife and I are now 6DPO with second attempt of ICI. When did you all inseminate after the LH surge? We did ours 18 hours after because my ovulation came a day early and the ICI arrived the day after positive ovulation test. Looking for encouragement as I feel like we missed it. These TWW are awful. Thank you!!



  • I did the same thing on our second try. Did you end up getting pregnant?

  • My wife and I are currently in our 1st 2 week wait. We have been impatiently testing during the last couple of days even though the two week wait officially ends on the 25th. I will let you know if we are successful. As to your question, we did two back2back ICI inseminations at home (1 on the 9th of October and 1 on the 10th of October). We did the ICIs approximately two days before the CLUE app said she was supposed to reach her peak or “ovulation day.” It was also our first time using a home ovulation kit, and I think we had been using it the wrong way which is why we decided to just do the ICIs on the same day the tank arrived. The kit was saying she was in high fertility (i.e., blinking smiley face) for a couple of days.. but when my wife decided to change from peeing directly on it to dipping it in a cup with a sample... all of a sudden the kit started saying she had reached her peak (i.e., solid smiley face). I guess the kit possibly reads better when dipped directly in... so we might have done the ICI too early. Lol. Anyways, sorry for the story but I wish you luck and baby dust!

  • Donor 15565- I did not end up conceiving on my second ICI.

    2Mujeres1Bebé- we did not end up conceiving and I cannot tell you how many pregnancy tests we wasted trying to test as many times as we could. It’s so exciting/nerve racking! I used clear blue ovulation tracking and didn’t seem to have an issue just peeing directly on the stick, maybe it has to do with the concentration of the urine. Who knows! We recently ‘graduated’ to a fertility clinic and hopefully will be doing our first IUI next month. Baby dust to you as well and I hope you have better luck than us :)

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    @tss216 - I agree, this is very exciting! We are on the same boat... we made an appointment with a fertility clinic as well! The one in our area is usually booked for 1-2 months so we made an appointment on the day we decided to start our journey just in case we were not successful with the ICI. So, we have an appointment for the 4th of November. Please keep us updated on your journey! We hope this next cycle is your time! Baby dust to both of you!

  • We made our appointment before the second ICI and I’d say it’s better to plan ahead especially with the wait times! We just got in September 26th so the blood work and testing and all that is taking a while. I hope you won’t need that appointment and same goes for you, I would love to here how it goes for you!

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    @2Mujeres1Bebé - Did you end up going to your fertility appointment? How'd it go? I'm waiting to ovulate to go in for my first IUI this month! Should be making a visit on Thanksgiving Day if my app is right lol

  • @tss216 That is great to hear! That is just around the corner but I am sure it seems like so far away lol. I wish you a Thanksgiving Day conception!

    The appointment went very well, and her results came back good! My wife should start her cycle around the 23rd and then we were told to call so that she can have an ultrasound and start her medication protocol. They are going to start her with a low dose of 50 Clomid and then give her a trigger shot a couple of days later. I feel like the days are dragging, but I am excited. All I want this XMAS is a BFP!

  • Thank you! That's awesome, I'm glad it went well for you two! Wishing you for your Christmas miracle! I feel like waiting until the next step is the longest part of the process... and than that two week wait that always follows. We're starting out doing a non-medicated IUI as a baseline and going from there. Fingers crossed for both of us that we will only have to go through one cycle :smiley:

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