First ICI. Nervous.

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This time next week, I will have done my first ICI and I'm so nervous.
I first came across the concept of Choice Moms at 25, decided this might be something I wanted for myself at 27, decided definitively at 29 and now at 32 I'm moving forward. In the middle of all this insanity.
I was going to wait but I was hit with this 'now or never' feeling and decided to just go for it. The timing isn't the best but I don't think it ever will be. Now the 'maybe someday' that I've been thinking about for years is just a few days away.
Any advice?


  • I'm in the same position, but I'm a bit older. I can tell you, I've raised a 13 yr old completely by myself and he's absolutely wonderful and my best friend. Don't be scared, if you are feeling like this is the option for you, for this long...that's somebody telling you to do it. Watch The Secret on Netflix, even if you've already seen it...that's when I finally trusted myself and my instincts. I bet you love it so much you have more:) And you are right, there isn't a good time, and it all works out!

  • I am just starting this process and about to order my first ICI as well and am nervous too. How has the process gone for each of you? My long term relationship just ended and at 37 and given the world right now, I was hit with the 'now or never' feeling as well.
    Did you do in home or at a doctor's office?

  • I'm doing it at home. Yesterday I did my second try so I've just started my second 2 week wait.
    This time is different. Maybe TMI but I had spotting and lots of CM this time while last time I didn't have any. Also last time I had pretty much every possible symptom and couldn't wait to test. This time I just want to wait and see if AF shows up. Those stark white strips (I swear they were whiter after than they started) left me so crushed, I really just want to avoid that as long as possible.

  • i have a serious question, my wife is 25 years old and never had any previous kids.. We are wondering has anyone (without kids or never been pregnant) Got pregnant off the first ici?

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