Expecting Baby w/15802

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I wanted to start a thread for any other LGBTQ families using donor 15802.

We are due in October and can't wait to meet our little one.

Blessings & Baby Dust!

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    Hi pSquared,

    My fiancé and I are using donor 15802. We did our first IUI with this donor on Tuesday! Anxiously waiting in the two weeks.

    Happy to hear things were successful for you guys.

    All the best,


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    Hey there, @bradybunch !!

    Yes, the two-week wait is an interesting time. So much anticipation, hesitant excitement and anxiety. All just part of the process, so try to take it in stride.

    Currently 20 weeks and I don't think a day has passed where I haven't felt some shadow of anxiety. I've just learned to surrender to the process and enjoy it as I can.

    Good luck to you and your fiancé. Sending positive baby energy your way!

    Take Care...

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    @pSquared hi how are you just dropping by im lgbtq me and my partner have six vials from this donor we will start the process this month hope everything goes well ill keep you updated nice meeting you

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