First ICI

Hey everyone I am new to this sperm donor deal.. I have been taking prenatal viamins since Jan 1st, I order three ICI vials feb 29th. Today March 26 th I did my first ICI at home. Tubes aren’t blocked, cycles are normal each month and I’m healthy. I am praying it works and we end up pregnant this upcoming month in April. Has anyone else had success the first or second time??

Thank you.


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    tss216tss216 Posts: 15
    edited July 1, 2020 2:45AM

    My wife and I just did our first at home ICI and are in the dreaded two week wait! Did you experience any cramping after the procedure? We’re now on day 6 and cramping is consistent. Did you experience any symptoms shortly after insemination? I hope you had luck in April!

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    KmocKmoc Posts: 4
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    Yes I had cramps all day after the ICI, no cramps after that but I’m pretty bloated a few days later.

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    @prettypink @tss216 @Kmoc did any of you have a successful result with ICI?

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    @bignight4 , I am wondering the same thing! I did my first IUI in July which was unsuccessful, not to mention uncomfortable and expensive. I will be out of town during my August cycle and considering bringing the tank with me and giving it a go on my own... my research does not reveal that that the success rate with ICI is MUCH higher than IUI, but I'd love to hear any advice first-hand.

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    @vthills3260 sorry I am just seeing your comment now! I am currently in my TWW with my 2nd cycle of ICI, and I brought my tank out of town with me. I did 2 vials this time, so only needed to bring 1 on vacation with me how my ovulation fell. I haven't tried doing IUI at home so I am sure that is a bit more of process, but I have heard people are successful with it. Did you try this month? TWW is the hardest part!

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    @vthills3260 were you able to get pregnant this round? I just found I am pregnant, so excited!!!

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    How long does the sperm last in the tank? In case I don’t use it the day of its arrival

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