3 Vials Of Donor 15765 Available

We successfully made 8 embryos our first round of IVF with this awesome donor, and now have 3 vials of IUI premium left over. If anyone is interested in purchasing since this donor is sold out, please contact me!


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    Since I posted this, I do have an update--our first round of IVF yielded 5 PGS-tested Normal embryos; 4 girls, 1 boy.

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    Hi I just had my First IVF with Donor 15765 and I will get the result around 12 November. Have you had any success with this Donor? I would like to buy his vials if you are still selling

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    @Yara888 I have 3 vials available.

    We are not pregnant yet but have 5 healthy and PGS normal babies waiting to be used. Our first FET will be the end of November.

    Is there a way for me to contact you offsite?

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    Sure you can WhatsApp on +447872188801. I am based in London. I wish you all the best ;) I had. My egg. Retrieval yesterday and 3 of my eggs have fertilised. Best Regards, yara

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