Halfway Through the TWW with 13165 (At home ICI)

We inseminated July 1st and 2nd and we are just waiting "patiently" for July 18th when we take our test. It may be all in my head but I believe I'm showing signs of a pregnancy. I'm tired all of the time, I have to pee all of the time, I've been getting nauseous when I eat (but only a little bit, not much), and my breasts started to get sore today. I've been trying to stay positive but I've also been trying to explain the symptoms away just in case it wasn't successful. Fingers crossed that we will have a BFP next week. Sending prayers, positive vibes, and baby dust to everyone trying. :)


  • Well, we tested this morning and got a negative. However, I am 2 days late according to my app. So, I will wait until Sunday to see if I get my period and if not then I will test again. Here's hoping there is still a chance.

  • It's been a long 5 days of a missed period and a negative result but I finally got my period. Staying positive for the next ICI cycle. :smile:

  • Literally the same exact thing happened to me. So weird. We are about to try ICI for the second time in a few days. Did ICI end up being successful for you? I could really use some hope right now. We can only afford 4 tries and I'm almost 40.

  • I have a 20 month old baby boy from Donor 13165 looking for siblings.

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