• donor 14213, I have one vile for sale, please let me know if interested to buy.

  • Hello! My wife and I are very interested in this donor and would like to discuss possibly purchasing (if still available). My email is [email protected] :)

  • We are using donor 14213 for the second time this month. If it doesn’t work, and you have extra still we would be interested in purchasing for the third try.

  • Hi, I am really sorry for such late reply. I do not have this vile any more. Best of Luck!

  • Thank you!! I have a good feeling about this time.

  • Hi everyone! Congratulations to the pregnant ladies on this thread! My wife and I just started our pregnancy journey and we are considering donor # 14213. Does anyone recall the mobility, etc of the sperm? Thanks!

  • I recently had a baby with this donor and have a vial available if anyone is interested. Also would love to connect with anyone who used this donor, if interested.

  • SMC here considering using donor 14213 - just a quick hello!

  • Hello again - an update! I am 10 going on 11 weeks pregnant with this donor via unmedicated IUI, have a singleton baby (sex still TBD) due around April 12 next year. I don't remember exact numbers, but sperm count and motility were very good!

  • still available? interested!

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