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  • @blondieb I had this happen with a previous donor that I used (was unsuccessful with him) and he stopped donating right before my last failed iui and when I contacted CCB (because it said limited available) they said he was registered for siblings only now, so I already had to have a child with that donor in order for them to contact him for additional donations.

    Do you already have a child with this donor? If so maybe its worth a shot calling to see if he was open to contact about future donations to provide siblings.

    There was also a lady in Sept who stated she sold back some vials of his, maybe those are still available, but you have to call to access them?

  • Hi all,

    Had my boy/girl twins today!! So incredibly in love and so glad I used this donor! They are simply amazing. If anyone still has vials or embryos with this donor, use them!

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    @singlemominthemaking Congrats!!! How exciting for you. My girl is still cooking away and doing great at 32 weeks. Apparently I’m in for a sugarholic because all that she craves is fruit & pancakes topped with chocolate and whipped cream 😆

  • @Rowan thank you! 4 long but totally worth it years to get to this day!! I wonder if that’s from the donor side because I 100% craved the same exact thing!! I like pancakes but not as intensely as I did during my pregnancy

  • Congratulations to everyone.

  • Yay!! Congrats on the babies. We need to start a group!

  • @Babygurl2018 Thank You. Yes we should definitely start a group!

  • @Singlemominthemaking i need to figure out how to PM you on this!

  • @Babygurl2018 i don’t think they have a pm option on this board. Atleast I haven’t found a way to

  • @Babygurl2018 I can create a Facebook (Private) group and then add those who want to be included, unless you have already done so? I'm also happy to provide my personal email if you would like to communicate off this forum?

  • @Babygurl2018 , @Blue11 , @Rowan , and any others, I did create a private Facebook, it is searchable but no one can see who the members are. You have to answer a couple questions to get in and I will approve you. :) looking forward to connecting soon

  • @Babygurl2018 @Rowan @Blue11
    Hi Ladies, hope all is going good.

    @Blue11 last we connected you were doing egg retrieval, how did that turn out? @Rowan I know your baby was due in March, how is baby girl doing? @Babygurl2018 how is your daughter doing?

    My kiddos are 5.5 months old and their little personalities are coming out so much and I'm loving every minute of it. They are the light of my life even though they aren't sleeping through the night yet and I'm exhausted by 5pm. My entire family and circle of friends are amazed by them and some who were against me doing this alone are closer to me then ever before and 1 is even considered embarking on the solo mom journey as well.

    Would love to connect with you ladies, if you would rather connect off of this thread please reach out, [email protected] (I would give my other email but its my first and last name and I don't want that posted to the thread, this is my childhood email that I still have active and check every now and again)

  • @Hannah5 I have one vial from Donor 15087 in storage at New Hope Fertility Center (New York, NY 10019). I have more than enough embryos . If interested in purchasing it. Reach out to me.

  • @SingleMom2Twins Congrats on your 2021 twins! Yes Donor 15087 was registered for siblings only when I contacted CCB. And yes, I already had/have a child with this donor. I am now pregnant with twins and will soon be a mom of 3. Excited and scared. And I now have more than enough embryos :) . I actually have a vial to sell to anyone interested.

  • @blondieb WOW congrats! Twins have been so much fun, they are currently walk around the house screaming (because they like to hear their voices) but man the joy they bring to my life is unmeasurable. Another set of twins. If you are on Facebook myself and 1 other family (not on this chat thread) are in a group "CCB Donor 15087" if you would like to join. (you have to answer a couple questions to be added)

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