Donor 15087

I’m about to start IVF with donor 15087. Anyone have success with ivf using this donor? I had 2 failed iui’s with this donor.



  • My wife and I are about to go on our 2nd IuI we hooong for the best but I do know there’s been a few pregnancies with this donor. Best of luck to you keep in touch😊 @Singlemominthemaking

  • Thank you. Good luck to you and your wife as well.

  • IVF worked for me with this donor. Good Luck!

  • Yay, congrats!! I find out today how many of my embryos made it to day 5.

  • 1st FET is set for June 26th. Plan is to transfer 2 embryos :)

  • Greetings!! Hope all is well!!! My wife and I had to put in on hold due to medical issues but we are due to try it in September after we get full clearance and we are so exited to be back in track with our family building. Hope you guys are doing well I am super exited for your embryos let us know how things are going I totally want to stay in touch!! Cheers take care :smile:@Singlemominthemaking

  • Hi Babygurl2018 I am super happy for you!! I will also love to be in touch with you as well we are family :smile: and its awesome to be able to in the nearest future be able to share our stories. Take care have a lovely day!!! @Babygurl2018

  • @Sky15
    I’m sorry to hear you have to put things on due to medical issues. I’m doing great. I’m actually scheduled to transfer 2 of my Embryos tomorrow morning :)
    I’m so excited and am very hopeful it will take! Yes I would love to stay in touch. Fingers crossed that your able to get back on track on September.

  • Hey Y’all! So how’d it go?! D

  • @Babygurl2018 My first transfer ended with a Chemical :(
    Round two has begun and should have my transfer in September. Going to transfer 2 embryos to hopefully increase the chances since my dr thought maybe 1 at a time would be better so I ended up only transferring 1 the first time.

  • donor 15087 has no more vials. If anyone has leftover vials, I would like to buy from you. Thank you. Wish you all succeed :)

  • Greetings!!! Hope everyone is doing well, we are finally on road to IUI in December Fingers cross as donor 15087 no longer has vials available this is really frustrating as we been on the long road with him and I'm so hopeful it works out for my wife and I!! Set a prayer for us with our last try with Donor 15087 unless he re considers donating once again.

  • @Babygurl2018 & @Sky15,

    How did things go?

    Just found out my 3rd FET with my last 2 embryos took. Today I’m 5 weeks and go tomorrow for another blood draw and then can schedule my first ultrasound about a week later to confirm pregnancy and see if only 1 took or 2.

  • @Babygurl2018
    I am due Feb 7th with twins using this donor. Would love to connect with you as you mentioned you had success with Ivf with this donor.

  • I have not try IVF with this donor yet hopefully my the end of the month I will have more information I will keep you posted. Congratulations on the baby on the way best of luck.

  • @Blue11 thank you! will this be your first Ivf cycle? Do you have embryos yet? Good luck!!

  • My egg retrieval is sometime next week. I am hoping for the best and that I have a healthy embryos for the transfer. Thank you.

  • @Blue11
    Ahh yay, exciting time. Good luck, I got 5 good quality embryos from my retrieval and had to use all 5 before getting my positive. Didn’t know I had an elevated protein in my lining tho so my first two transfer might have worked if we had known about that protein. Good luck, you will be in my thoughts!

  • I agree I have changed my diet and eating more protein healthy food and fish and walking more since the gym is still closed due to the COVID-19. I purchased a bicycle from Amazon but won’t arrive in another 3 weeks. I am happy for you.

  • Hi all, just an FYI - I've sold back a couple of vials for Donor 15087. No idea if or how long it will take CCB to relist them, but if you're looking for more vials, maybe keep a lookout.
    And, yes, I have a confirmed pregnancy (via surrogate) - due March 2021!

  • @Rowan congrats on your confirmed pregnancy. I’m expecting boy/girl twins Feb 2021!!

  • I completely forgot about this thread! Congrats on all the +++

  • @Babygurl2018, haha know what you mean. IVF takes a lot out of a person but I remembered that there was at least 1 person on this thread that already had a confirmed pregnancy/birth and that meant my kiddos had a half sibling out there I wanted to try and connect with for the future.

  • Sure thing! My little lady just turned 2! Congrats on your pregnancy! So excited to connect.

  • @Babygurl2018 Ahhh that's awesome, 2 is a fun age. Thank You, I'm 25 weeks now and cant wait to meet my twins :)

    I'm also excited to connect, where do you live? If you don't mind me asking, I'm in Denver/Aurora CO.
    Have you been able to connect with anyone else who has a child already from this donor?

  • Hi! I am in TX and no I haven’t connected with anyone else yet. How are you feeling?

  • @Babygurl2018.

    Nice, I have family in TX. Mostly the southern end.

    I feel very pregnant. 27weeks now, the babies are moving a ton and I’m loving every minute. I’m glad they have stopped making me nauseous everyday!! I’m so ready for them to be here so I can see what they look like and can hold them in my arms, but I’ll be patient and let them grow for a while longer.

  • @Singlemominthemaking checking in on you lady! How are things

  • @Babygurl2018 doing good, 29 weeks tomorrow, this last Monday they were each weighing in at 2lbs 2oz and they are super active in there especially at night. Haha hope they fix their clock once they are born and aren’t you all night.

  • Hi, I would really like more vials from this donor. Can't CCB reach back out to the donor for more if there is a lot of demand? Pay him? Beg him? I'll pay him.

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