IVF Fail - anyone else

I am 39 single mom by choice Just had first ivf with donor sperm they retrieved only 4 eggs...3 fertilized and then the embryos all died before the blastocyst stage around day 6 I am truly devastated as I was hoping I would get at least one viable embryo waiting to speak to my doctor to see what happened and next steps any one else have a similar situation?



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    I am so sorry. I had a similar response during my first retrieval. They retrieved 4 eggs, all 4 fertilized, none made it past day 3. I two was hoping for at least one. It was confusing and upsetting but I guess sometimes that just happens. I guess that cycle I just wasn't producing any viable eggs. It makes it harder when we don't have an answer as to why after all the hard work we put it. And I know that doesn't give you much relief but I just wanted to reach out and let you know that you are not the only one. I wasn't expecting to retrieve a lot of eggs due to my age, I was 38, but I was still thinking at least one would make it. That was back in August. I am now about to go in for my second retrieval next week. I am hoping for a better out come, fingers crossed. Stay positive!

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