Can IUI vials be used for IVF in the future

I recently found out I got pregnant from my 1st IUI. I am very excited and also happy that I purchased 2 vials because now my donor is VERY low. I am hoping this pregnancy goes to term and that I am able to give my child full siblings. To give me a higher chance of this I am hoping that I can use my leftover IUI vial for IVF in the future... Is this possible?



  • @EurovisionMom Yes, you can use any type of vial for IVF. Some labs may prefer a washed (IUI) or unwashed (ICI) vial, but an IUI premium vial has more than enough sperm to use for an IVF cycle. "IVF Vials" contain less sperm because less sperm is needed for IVF.

    Also, please note that when you store vials with us, the storage fee is for a length of time and doesn't increase if you add more vials. So if you are currently storing vials with us, you can purchase additional vials for siblings and just add them to your existing storage.


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