Genetic Testing - Karyotype

NuratNurat Posts: 11
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They say hindsight is 20/20 and in my case this is absolutely true. Although I had genetic testing done months before I began IUI cycles, I didn’t do karyotype testing. It wasn’t until after suffering a miscarriage that I learned two things: (1) I am a balanced chromosome translocation carrier (a rarer form at that) and (2) it was a girl.

Had I done karyotype testing first, I would’ve skipped IUI altogether and gone straight to IVF/PGD, which is my only option now (other than adoption or donor egg). My insurance isn’t paying for it; I’ve lost time and money. I began this process a months ago. I’m switching insurance and now have to wait until January to proceed. I’ll be 42 this year and my AMH is dropping. Time was unnecessarily wasted. Don’t be like me. Learn from my mistake & get all the data you can first. Knowing in advance is a significant advantage!


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