Anyone out there actively using doner #14937? We've gone through 8 vials and still nothing (though I'm in TWW now with 6 days to go). One vial had low motility, and one time we couldn't get to the office for an IUI on the right date, but every other one (the remaining 6) have been medicated IUIs. Last one and this time have been triggered. I have irregular cycles, but other than that I'm told I'm really healthy and my tests always come back good. We're trying to remain optimistic, but it's getting harder and we're wondering if anyone has had success with this donor or if it's time to cut our losses and switch it up.

Anyone else using this guy? Success? Advice?



  • Fingers crossed, that this round works out for you. However, my Dr. believes switching for me makes sense.

    I just completed a round of embryo cryopreservation at a very reputable center in New York City. Unfortunately, my results after PGS testing were below average for my age-band, despite other numbers being good. They performed ICSI using sperm from an IUI vial from donor #14937. While a seemingly normal sperm was selected for the procedure, the embryologist noted that the sample overall had low motility and that many of the sperm had abnormal tails. I’m not exactly sure how this IUI sample from donor #14937 made it through the screening process that California Cryobank has in place.

  • I would have thought that the cryobank would have checked sperm motility before sending it out for IUI. I have this donor I haven't used it yet but I think I'm not going to.

  • They said they only test batches and not every vial. I'm not a Dr, but save yourself the anguish and the stress this has caused me. Ask for a refund or pick another donor with a positive pregnancy. Most centers seem to only test the sample (do a semen analysis) the day of the procedure and by then you'll have wasted a lot of precious time and money on meds, monitoring, and other procedures even if you don't move forward.

  • I have this donor and used it for frozen embryo transfers. I have two , now one embryo. the first didn't take and the I am about to use the second one.

  • Hi all -- circumstances changed and we ended up no longer pursuing the pregnancy. Just to be clear, CCB was good to us and gave us the option of a refund or an additional vial (we chose the vial) when it was discovered that the vial was low motility. We appreciated that.

    I'm actually in the position of selling back current vials. Really stinks that CCB only offers a 50% buyback when they're just going to turn around and sell it for what we purchased it for. Totally get that they've incurred some costs for essentially "storing" it for us because it was off the market....but 50% feels like such a racket. Does anyone know if it possible to sell back to other clients at say, 75% what you purchased for it -- are we able to use the boards for that? Thanks for any tips.

    P.S. congrats @SallyM -- I see a reported pregnancy with this donor and I'm hoping that's you!

  • This is upsetting as I have bought 3 vials from this donor and they’ve already been shipped to the UK where I have them in storage. I am a little confused though as he had proven fertility when I bought the vials and that was one of my criteria. I am relieved that the sperm has resulted in two embryos though @SallyM.

  • Yeah, if your dr. says any of them are low motility I would not hesitate to ask for a refund from CCB @Elspeth . They've been good about it...but of course it wastes a whole month (or longer) which is frustrating.

    If you do experience that - would you mind posting here? Low motility one time seems like a fluke, two times is strange but maybe a coincidence, three seems like a pattern and a substandard evaluation process which I think should merit getting fully reimbursed for the vials I still have in storage (which I am currently trying to sell because I am no longer trying to get pregnant). Thanks!

  • Hi All,
    Just wanted to share my experience with this donor. My wife and I purchased two vials of this donor in early 2019. After I had 14 eggs retrieved, we were notified that our donor had low mobility. We decided to proceed with ICSI. In the end we ended up with 6 healthy embryo's... (ALL BOYS!) Our first transfer of one embryo resulted in my wife's pregnancy. She is currently 7 months pregnant. Through our story, I wanted to confirm low mobility, however successful with the help of ICSI. If it helps, I was 32 at the time of retrieval, and my wife was 33 and the time of transfer.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm one month behind you, but with a different donor. We still have one vial of #14937 available at our fertility clinic in NYC if anyone is interested in purchasing it. Thanks and good luck everyone!

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    I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with donor#14937 is a boy

  • Hello everyone, I hope all is going well with you all and new babies/pregnancies! I was wondering, is anyone selling sperm from donor 14937? If so please let me know - thank you!

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