ICI and doctor involvement?

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Hi. New to this.

I'm wondering who has had a successful pregnancy from home insemination? Also what is required from a doctor for this? I believe a form still needs to be signed. Can we perform it ourselves or does it need to be performed by a doctor/nurse?

Thank you.



  • ICI can be done by yourself at home. I did it 4 times at home (unsuccessfully), and I know I’ve seen a message or two from people on here who have been successful doing ICI at home. You do need the doctor to sign the CCB form so they’ll sell sperm to you, but that’s it. Buy some small medicine syringes and preseed for your insemination and that’s all you should need.

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    Thanks @BeaBea did you find success using another method? I'm wondering if it's so dependent on operator skill that it may be a waste of money if we make any mistakes.

    Thank you.

  • I’m trying medicated IUI now. No success yet.
    I doubt operator error is the reason ICI is typically less successful. It’s more or less the same as intercourse. Not much room for user error! Just get the semen near the cervix and stay horizontal for a while. Timing is the most crucial aspect assuming you have healthy sperm/healthy mom/ripe follicle/thick uterine lining. A doctor can help confirm those things. IUI has a higher rate of success because 1) a medical professional is involved in confirming the correct timing and health of the involved parties, and 2) the sperm is delivered directly into the uterus instead of having to make its on way there.

  • Thanks for you're reply @BeaBea I guess you're right lol. I think I'm just worried we would thaw it out wrong or something. Good luck for your IUI. :)

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