Donor 16415

We used ICI vials for IUI and got a BFP on our 1st try with this donor but our 7th IUI. We were lucky to have 2 sacs but sadly lost one. We are now 8 weeks with a single baby and wondering if anyone else has had luck getting pregnant.


  • We are using this donor.

  • We got a BFP on our first IUI attempt with this donor.

  • We did our first IUI today with this donor. Going back tomorrow for double insemination. Praying for a BFP!!!

  • @mjr did you guys get your positive?

  • So glad to hear about the success from this donor! Hoping to find someone with extra vials to sell as I have an embryo banked and am trying to find another vial before my next retrieval. Thanks!

  • Hi -- my wife did 4 iuis (3 double iuis) with this donor and we did not get pregnant. We believe she may have endometriosis and that might have prevented the pregnancies. I am going to be trying with the vials we have left this month. Praying to have the same luck as you all. Hope you're all doing well.

  • BFP on my first IUI with this donor. We are due in March.

  • So exciting! We are due March also!

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