How long did it take you to find the right sperm donor?


  • @FutureMami almost a year, but it was well worth the wait to find the right fit. What are u having a hard time with?

  • Wow a year! I don’t have a year cause of my age and time. 😞 my worry Is the CMV a lot of them are positive.

  • @FutureMami I understand, I had a list of thing that had to align. There are currently over 80 donors that at cmv - try using the filter section. Are there any other must haves? Maybe I could help with a list if you need.

  • @Hammonds creations you are amazing. I prayed So much today and found a one. But I also Look at the donors parents medical History as well. Do you have kids?

  • @FutureMami oh that's wonderful! Congratulations on finding your donor! Yes I do, I was successful with my donor first time! Are you doing an iui or straight to IVF?

  • @Hammonds creations i am still trying to learn the difference to be honest. Congratulations!!! Feels good to be a mami right? What was your process?

  • @FutureMami it's honestly the best thing I could have done. I love being a mom and look forward to trying for baby no 2 very soon. I ended up doing IVF because of several issues I have. I have pretty low egg reserve.. So while it's a fair amount more expensive, it worked straight away. Iui they inseminate the sperm directly inside. IVF they can remove your eggs and they fertilise the eggs. You can do a fresh transfer with a proven embro or you can elect to freeze and transfer a thawed embro.

  • @Hammonds creations thank you for sharing! your situation is my same situation. I can’t wait!

  • @Hammonds creations i am so sad when I went to purchase someone purchased all 8 vials.

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, that is what happened to me and I decided to wait because I was so set on him. You can either add yourself to his wait list by calling ccb (and asking when his next vial realease will be) or maybe switch donors. I'd still recommend contacting ccb. Sometimes the next vials are only a few weeks away (if your really lucky), sometimes people sell them back and they notify the waitlist before putting them up online. @FutureMami

  • @Hammonds creations thank you for the tip that’s a great Idea. I didn’t know they had a waiting list.

  • Yes, so long as they weren't final vials. But even then..they could have people sell back vials 😊 @FutureMami I hope you get the one you want 🙏

  • Also they typically call it the "notification list" they'll email you when he becomes available again.

  • What do you mean by final vials? @Hammonds creations

  • @FutureMami final vials are when the donor has completed the program and there will be no more vials. Then it will only be if someone sells back vials they no longer want.

  • @Hammonds creations so if I see A potential donor and it says final vials don’t purchase those?

  • @futuremami I mean it depends on a few things. how many are left?how many you want to buy?Also do you want siblings? What vials do you need? Are u going to do ivf? They say it can take several vials for an IUI. Buy at least 4 for a attempt on iui (my clinic told me before we realised IVF was the best option).

  • I need To buy 2 vials , IVF

  • Purchase if it's final vials just know he may not realise more. Best of luck!! @FutureMami let me know how you go 🤗

  • Hi @FutureMami I spent about 4 months looking for a donor. I compared everything, made my own charts with highlights of pros and cons for each. Ethnicity was most important to me because I will be raising my child in a Mexican culture, but once I found out my CMV- status, I was in the same boat as you. There are few Mexican donors and fewer that are -, then add ID disclosure, expanded genetic testing etc and basically, there are zero. I called the cryobank and they told me to buy asap because they sell out fast (which you experienced). I bought a Mexican donor that was CMV+ out of pressure, but after my fertility specialist scared me of infection, I tried to exchange it. By the time it was all processed, my new CMV- donor was no longer available. I was so devastated. I ended up buying sperm from xytex cryobank. I've given up on ethnicity and am aiming for a healthy baby. I got a CMV- Peruvian.

  • @Praying4Baby this process is scary and draining. Last night was about to give up. I looked at Xytex but I am Confused on the payment is it $50for 3 months and you get to access all the donors? Or $$50 to access the one donor I am Interested to read about.
    Like you I also been writing a list of pros and cons.

  • Oh, you have to create a free account and then you can see their pictures. At xytex all donors have adult pictures, but I prefer the way CA cryobank is organized and I like they have recorded interviews and you can hear their voice.

  • @prayers4ababy I created an account in Cryo International and found some. But I have To call on Tuesday because I have questions about the genetic test. They do the basics

  • Hey, how are you going? There are some new neg donors today. @FutureMami

  • Hi @Hammonds creations i was able to find my donor but not here.

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