Pregnancies/Births for donor 13216?


Can you tell me what you're allowed to tell me about donor 13216?



  • Hi M -

    What sort of information are you looking for?

    If you haven't done so already, please keep in mind that you have free access to the donor's medical history, genetic test summary, donor profile, donor essay, and staff impressions.


  • Thanks, Nicole!

    I meant, can you tell me more/less than 5 pregnancies and if there have been any live births. I have read through all of the available information. Sorry for being cryptic! ;)

    Thanks again!
  • Hi M -

    No worries!

    Donor 13216 currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies. No reported births yet, possibly later this year.

    Also, please don't hesitate to call Client Services at 866-927-9622 if you'd like to chat about the donor. We help so many people through the selection process and it's usually easier to do it by phone. :)

    Best of luck!

  • Reporting a successful pregnancy and birth to a baby girl from Donor 13216

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