Donor 15898

I know he is fairly new, but he's been sold out a couple of times. Has anyone tried Donor 15898? I just bought a few vials and was curious.


  • I've am about to do a second round of IUI with 15898. I'm curious about this, too. Posting here to see other responses.

  • I am currently waiting for the results from my first IUI attempt. I will be testing on Monday. Good luck on your second round.

  • @springcomes

    My first round was unsuccessful, and I am hoping to be able to do a second round in the next few weeks. With the holidays, it will depend what day it falls on.

  • @Curious09 Thank you for the update. I'm sorry to hear that your first round wasn't successful. My first two rounds weren't successful, either. Planning a third round this month.

  • Good luck to you!

  • @sprincomes

    I am sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempts also. I had my second IUI a week ago, so I now I am in the TWW part of the cycle. Donor 15898 has been sold out several times already, but I haven't seen where anyone else has posted about him. I am really curious if any one has had any luck with him. The counts were good for both of my IUI's. 10 million on the first one and 13 million on the second one. How many vials did you purchase of Donor 15898? How are you timing your IUI's? I wish you luck on your third attempt!!

  • @sprincomes

    I saw that his profile was updated and now says he has pregnancies.

  • My 1st round was unsuccessful.

  • My wife and I found his profile yesterday and were thinking of purchasing. Today it shows that there's none available. Just wondering how long it typically takes before they have more available..?

  • @Curious09 Thanks so much for the update. I had 2 unsuccessful IUI cycles with this donor, and am now in my first IVF cycle. I'm really happy to see that his profile has been updated to show pregnancies. That's great news! I bought 4 vials, so now I'm out. Not sure what I'll do if I need more.

  • Hello! I had 2 failed IUI with this donor. It was because of my low AMH though and some other issues I had taken care of. My wife and I are now doing RIVF and will be transferring in April!! Of the 24 eggs retrieved 7 became embryos!!

  • Interested in knowing if anyone else has conceived using donor 15898? We have a daughter from a successful IVF and 5 embryo remaining. We’re open to donor sibling contact.

  • @Pzyodany46 omg that’s is awesome to hear! We have almost 5 month old twins by this donor!! How old is your daughter? We would love to talk with you a little if you don’t mind! We are also in contact with 2 other donor siblings!

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