Searching for 13989 Vials!

Is anyone selling any leftover 13989 vials? I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and realized today he has no vials left. It was a punch to the gut since my wife was hoping to go next and we wanted to use the same donor. Please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to buy some from you!


  • Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy, looks like we will have siblings. My wife and I have a son with donor, he’s amazing.

    I see you are looking for vials from this donor also, any luck? I’m so bummed he is out. We really wanted to use him again.

  • Thank you so much! Congrats on your little one as well!

    No luck yet we’re super bummed out too. We should have bought back in December but decided to wait and then saw he was out. If I hear anything I’ll drop you a line 😊

  • Same! I was laid off and waiting to get a new job, by that time he was out. I’m so bummed but also know, everything happens for a reason.

    I have connected with two other siblings from our donor, not sure if you would be interested in connecting outside of here but if you are let me know.?

  • You’re absolutely right, that’s what I told my wife as well. She was destroyed by the news.

    Yes I would be open to it, thanks for asking 😊

  • Awesome! I’m not sure how to share my information so it’s not public. Do you know a way?

  • luca2021luca2021 Posts: 11
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    I was thinking about that haha. Let me see if I can send you a private message on here.

    No I don’t see a way on here. How did you connect with the others?

  • luca2021 and Archie's Mom, if the two of you register your kiddos in the CCB sibling registry, you can share your private contact information on there. It's a private group that is screened by CCB.

  • Thanks DeuceMom! I am on the register but my email address does not show up even though I have it checked to allow it to show.

    @luca2021 if you get on let me know and I will email you. I’m also on the CCB Facebook page, we can connect there if you are a member?

  • DeuceMomDeuceMom Posts: 13
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    @Archie’s Mom You're welcome! Something you can do instead of relying on the option to show email, is leave it in your comments section (linked to your name in the registry) which other registered kids/parents can then see. Good luck making contact. :smile:

  • Hello! I have an extra vial of donor #13989. Does anyone still want it?

  • Hello @MamaChula, I’m interested! 😊

  • Archie’s MomArchie’s Mom Posts: 12
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    Hi @MamaChula how many do you have?

  • We have 1 vial. But really would like to double our chances just in case the first doesn’t take. Is the vial you have IUI, ICI, IVF?

  • @luca2021 I am so happy to hear you found a vial! We have been waiting to see if anyone has any to sell. @MamaChula and @luca2021 please keep me posted on this, I really hope this can work out for all of us!

  • Looking for a vial from 13989. We have a little girl who will be 2 in October that I carried and was hoping for my wife to carry the next.

  • Hello, so sorry for not responding sooner. I was trying to figure out how to send messages privately? I still have one vial from Donor #13989. Are any of you still looking? I would like to stop paying storage fees and help a family : ). The vial is currently stored at Reprotech Limited at their facilities in Nevada. All I ask is reimbursement for shipment and insurance (optional) to wherever you want.

  • No worries! I would like a little more info please. Are you part of the CCB Facebook page/group? That is where I have connected with others who have used our donor.

  • I am not. Could you please send a link?

  • If join let me know and I will find you

  • Hi, I requested access to the FB group and it's pending approval. If anyone is still interested in a Donor #13989 vial please reach out to me directly at [email protected].

  • Hi @MamaChula
    If you get access to the group will you let me know. I’m having no luck with these bulletin posts but I don’t have a Facebook account. Just wondering if it’s worth it to create one or not. I really don’t like social media :(
    I would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to find a retired donor to have siblings
    Thank you so so much

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