Luck with Donor 16568?

Curious to see if anyone has had any luck using donor 16568. Thanks!


  • Did you try with this donor yet? Any results? I’m in a tww and nothing yet so far.

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    I had two unsuccessful IUI's in the fall/winter, and am planning to try IVF next cycle. My fingers are crossed for you!

  • In the tww for my 2nd IUI with this donor right now. His total motile count (TMC) after this thaw was much better than it was after the first thaw. Hopefully that will make a little bit of a difference? Good luck to you all!

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    Wow. Baby dust to you all and thanks for responding. What was his motility count for first thaw? Could it change for a second thaw? Does anyone know a good motility count? Will have to do some research. I really like this donor and as his vials are out may have to find another as a backup but hoping to try with him again if I have no BFP after this two week wait 🍼🍼 This is definitely a process πŸ™πŸ½

  • I can't recall the exact numbers, but know that both vials had really great numbers, well above the recommended/minimum level my clinic requires.

  • Okay that's a really good sign. Fingers crossed πŸ™πŸ½

  • For me, his TMC was 9 million for the first round of IUI and 12 million for the second round. I've heard that you want to see around 10 million for frozen donor sperm, but that its also doable as low as 6 million? Total mobile sperm counts with fresh sperm are much higher, but even with 40 million you could still not get it's all a crapshoot! There are so many other factors involved. I'm just hoping one of those 12 mill found their way to my egg this time lol

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    Thank you. It will happen for you soon. I was not successful with his first round of IUI. Then again I only had one vial. Are you using two at a time medicated or at home?

  • Oh interesting, I've never heard of using more than one vial at a time. Do you mean using one vial the day before ovulation and another vial the day of ovulation? My doctor was calling that double IUI, but she told me it wouldn't actually increase my chances of getting pregnant so it would be a waste of an extra vial for me. It seems like it would be helpful though (especially in terms of getting the timing right!). So we have only been using one vial per insemination, unmedicated, at the doctors office. We were told by that at-home was an option for us, but the success rates were much lower. We understand that it's really important for some folks to do it in the peace of their own homes and to be empowered in that way (and also the cost factor!), but for us it wasn't that important. It still didn't work though, so it all feels like a roll of the dice! I'd like to add on medication for the next cycle but your risk of having multiples increases quite a bit so our doctor is making me try one more unmedicated round before adding any medications in. What about you?

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    Beautiful. I switched donors (primarily bc this one was sold out and I could only afford one vial). I ended up getting a new donor and got a midwife to perform my IUI at home. So few sperm by African American men is disheartening. She was amazing and tracked my ovulation far better than any clinic could have done. Officially on cycle 2 in the tww with new donor? You? Any updates? Baby dust to you

  • Did anyone end up having any luck or pregnancies with this donor?

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    Did anyone have luck with this donor yet? Any pregnancies?

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    @TTCLove2022 No pregnancy (yet) but was able to grow 4 embryos using my 5 eggs I had previously frozen and this donors sperm.

  • Beautiful. I just had two back to back ICI's that were unsuccessful. I really like this donor and wish you baby dust.

  • @ak32 @PhillyBillie83 Any updates with this donor?

  • @TTCLove2022 I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with the first embryo transfer! So far everything looks good! I also didn't receive your email but still have vials available.

  • Yay!! Congrats πŸ’—βœ¨βœ¨What is your best email?

  • @TTCLove2022 I just saw your email in my spam folder for some reason, so sent a response

  • I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with my first embryo transfer using this donor. Hoping everything continues to go smoothly from here!

  • Congrats! I moved on to IVF and discovered after an HSG and Saline Sono that both tubes are open but a fibrood has been preventing implantation after all this time. Glad I checked. Removing Fibroid this Monday then transferring next cycle. Congrats! Fingers crossed.

  • Oh best of luck to you! I hope it all goes smoothly and you fall pregnant on your next transfer 😊

  • Me too! Thanks. So happy for you. Keep me in the loop. When is your due date?

  • August 5th 23!

  • Hi! We had success with this donor. My daughter was born in November!

  • We have had success! Due 11/5/2023!

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