Donor 13840

Hello, my partner and I have officially decided on donor 13840! The amount of care he put into his responses and the vibe we get from all the information is everything we have wanted. We start our process in August. fingers crossed

Any information from those who have used him would be great! Successes or fails?

Thank you in advance and baby dust to all!



  • Hi SuperVaz!! I used this donor and have a toddler son who is wonderful. I also am close with a couple of the other women who have used this donor. In all, I think I know of about 7 children:) Happy to connect.

  • Hi Olivia, thank you so much for reaching out! It is also great to hear that there are sucesses and live births as the cryos stated they can only tell me if there has been "at least one" live birth. Would you say your son has resemblance of the donors features from his childhood photos?

    We start our testing this month. We are doing blood test, sonohystogram (sorry spelling I'm sure is off), genetic testing, and then be able to get a plan of action. We are SO excited and nervous for this journey.

    How many tries did it take for you to get a sucess with this donor? Was it IUI? Again thank you for the info! Hope we will get to join the group of sucesses with you in the very near future 😊

  • Hi again! I am so excited for you and your partner:) You picked a great donor! I, too, hope you have a baby and can join the registry. Took me way too many IUIs and a fresh IVF transfer until I fell pregnant at a FET to finally result in my son. A couple of the other moms were luckier were successful right away. My son has lighter brown and fine hair (me), but the donor's eyes and smile (and height! He's tall!).

  • I also had a son with this donor! What a great profile. My boy is amazing and currently six years old.

  • @Livvy thanks so much for sharing! How did you manage to find other folks who had kids from 13840? I would like to connect.

  • Hi @Brothersandsisters ! Join the sibling registry through California Cryobank to find the people. So happy to hear you have a wonderful little boy yourself <36

  • Hey there, we also used this donor and wish we had purchased more vials. Anyone have extra vials still stored at ccb and plan to sell them back? Not sure how that works, but if more became available we would definitely want to purchase one or two more

  • @Berry I have a couple
    of extra vials. Let me know if you want to connect!

  • @Livvy still happen to have any vials you’re interested in selling? We’ve been trying with this donor, and really like him. We’d love to have another try or two before moving on to another donor

  • @Livvy haha sorry not sure how to message you directly….

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