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Hi all,
just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar? my wife and I wanted to conceive by reciprocal IVF. Unfortunately, none of my eggs survived to the 5th day, even though we are both relatively young (early 30s) and heathy. We were told there’s about a 2% chance of this happening again (we plan to go through it all again in Jan) but I’m enormously sceptical of the statistics!!!!
Has anyone else experienced this? Did you try again? Did it work out?
Thanks :)


  • May I ask how many eggs they collected?

    They may be able to up the medication to produce more eggs next time.

    My wife and I just did reciprocal IVF. I have pcos and egg collection was 11. My wife has hormonal issues, pcos and endo.
    The numbers by day 5 were only 3 (1B grade and 2 C grade quality) blastocysts.

    It's a big drop off after day 3 so the more muture eggs the better.

    Long story short we did our first transfer and are currently 4 and a half week pregnant using that B grade blastocyst. It only takes one to fall but the more the better your chance!

    Good luck!

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