Donor 13965

Hi All,

Has anyone gone with 13965, would love to touch base with you if you've chosen this donor. We are about to start out IVF process.


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    Hi, I used this donor. I now have a gorgeous baby girl xx
    Would love to talk more if you are up for it.

  • Omg, I'm so glad you replied! We've actually been struggling falling pregnant with this Donor, however the issue is my egg quality. I'm happy to chat more!

  • I'm happy to get in touch with someone else who is using this donor. I posted on the sibling registry, but haven't had a response. I had my bubba in March and she is perfection.

  • That's so glad to hear! I haven't heard about anyone using this donor before. What made you choose this particular Donor? Are you based in Australia or USA?

  • He ticked all the boxes for me. I especially liked the interest in music, I have to admit I was looking for some one who could play an instrument or had great love of music.
    I thought he was cute to, I believed that his features would match up well with mine. I live in Australia and I am aboriginal, so with my background and his, she has lovely brown skin.
    LOL I could go on and on about her.
    She really is crazy cute, I can't take her anywhere without people staring at her or stopping me to tell me how beautiful she is.
    What about you?

  • She sounds so adorable, what a great match! Would love to see what she looks like! And it's okay to go one about her, I can hear that you're full of joy.

    Whats her temperament like? Do you think she has more of you or the donors personality? if you can tell that is.

  • I don't think she's much like me. My mother says she very different to how I was. She is very active (as much as a 10 week old can be lol) she likes to keep moving and she can get bored easily. But she is an amazing sleeper, she goes down at 11 every night and doesn't wake until 7am.. Usually has two big sleeps through the day as well.. So it's understandable that she have a good bit of energy when she's awake. She's also a big eater she is 6 kilos now, so she's a chubba.

  • I can't wait to fall pregnant, had two rounds of IVF so far and both failed. She sounds like shes quite a switched on baby and thank god that you can have a restful nights sleep!

  • I got pregnant on my second round using a frozen embryo. The ivf process is such a trial, just thinking about it makes my head spin. Hopefully you won't have to wait to much longer for it to be over .
    If you are up for it, it would be good to stay in touch after you have your bundle of joy. Even if it's only to let each other know of any health issues that arise, so that we can check on our babies as soon as possible.

  • Yeah of course, I'm happy to stay in touch with you after I finally have my bundle of joy! I'm so curious as what my baby will look like, I'm Thai so the baby will be half thai hald peruvian. My partner she's South American which is why we chose the donor. We wanted someone similar to her background.

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