LGBTQ Birth Certificate Signing

My partner and I aren't married, will she be able to sign the birth certificate at the hospital?


  • Following. I am also curious to know the answer to this. @TheBESSFamily were you able to find an answer to this ?

  • I am currently waiting to hear back regarding retaining to my question. I will definitely update you

  • Thank you so much !

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    Hello! I live in Texas and I spoke to my fertility clinic yesterday. They stated because we aren’t married only the person whose eggs are being used have legal rights to the baby and will be able to sign the birth certificate. They stated if we choose to go that route we will have to get a family lawyer for the other person to be able to be added on to the birth certificate after the baby is born. If you’re wanting to avoid all that, marriage needs to be done before the process of conceiving even begins.

    I hope this helps you!

  • Yes that information above it correct! My wife and I were not married at the time and we just went through the adoption process. Daughter was born in Florida but we live in Georgia now. Took us about 6 months and approx. $3,000 in lawyer fees to get this done.

  • It just depends on the state you live in because I’m in Alabama and my partner and I were both able to sign the BC

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