Looking for Donor 15030


We purchased three vials of this donor back in 2019 and gave birth to a little girl in Feb 2020.

I’ve gone to see if we can purchase more but you no longer seem to ship to the UK or have any available and I get a message telling me to ring CCS Services if further samples are required.

We are desperate to give our daughter a genetic sibling (we’re same sex and I gave birth last time) so is there anyway you can help us?

Thank you


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    @Katewoo Hi! My partner and I have a baby (born spring 2020) with donor 15030. We would LOVE to connect! We are also in same sex relationship. Message us here if interested.... we hope so! We might also have an extra vial or two of this donor in storage. Not sure yet, though, if we will need it.

  • @Katewoo Hello! I'm the other partner of the poster with the handle @LittleBua Just wanted to say hello!

  • @LittleBua @LittleBua2 are you both on the sibling registry page?

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    @Teafor2 Yes! We are on it but through one account…it has been down for so long though lol

  • I emailed yesterday and they said it would be up next month. I did use this donor still trying to figure out how I’m approaching the whole sibling situation… so wild

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    @LittleBua Are you in the US

  • @teafor2. Yes, in the US.

  • Hi! We are in a queer partnership also and have a little one from this donor also in 2020 and wanted to figure out if we wanted to connect more through the sibling registry but it’s been down for a while now ever since we posted. We really want to move slowly but do believe it would be good to be in touch with donor siblings…. Just wanted to put our name in the loop here! Hopefully when the sibling registry is open we can connect more there.

  • @ChotuMotu that’s awesome! It really stinks the sibling registry is down and has been for a while.

  • Hi! We had a little girl by this donor on Feb 2020 and our second is due in Nov 23 😀 We are in the UK.

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