Anyone Selling Donor #15759????

My spouse and I had positive pregnancy with Donor #15759. Now we are discussing having another child, but it says there are no more vials for this donor.

Does anyone have any vials they would want to sell?


  • @BrandiG21 I am currently pregnant with twins with donor 15759. My wife and I bought all the vials we thought we may need before we started trying and are only planning for one more baby. It wouldn't be in the immediate future but we may have vials available in a couple of years. Are you registered on the sibling registry?

  • @rcprbaby, we have not registered on the sibling registry yet, how do you do that? Would you be willing to part with 1 vial? We are wanting to try later this year. We got pregnant on the first try with one ici vial. Thank you :)

  • @BrandiG21 To register for the sibling registry you can look under services and it'll show it as an option and you just follow the prompts. Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to part with a vial this year. Best of luck!

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